Heritage Village Abu Dhabi


Due to its unique architecture and pristine beauty, the state government of Himachal Pradesh declared Pragpur as the country’s first Heritage Village in December 1997.

How long to spend at Heritage Village Abu Dhabi?

Timings of Heritage Village

The approximate time to explore all the attractions is around 90 minutes.

What can we do in Heritage Village?

Here you can shop, discover artefacts and watch artisans make pottery, blow glass and weave fabric on a loom. The village is also home to the Emirates Heritage Club, which hosts workshops for traditional crafts.

Why is Heritage Village important?

Heritage villages

It is like a replica of structures in the olden days. All emirates have at least one heritage village. The heritage villages offer a peek into the different aspects of the lives of Emiratis in the olden times.

Is there a global village in Abu Dhabi?

Al Saadiyat Island

It is home to the largest cluster of leading global cultural institutions such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi, Al Saadiyat Beach Golf Club and a wide range of high-end hotels; and covers an area of 27 square kilometres.

What is the best month to visit Abu Dhabi?

November to March Winter in Abu Dhabi

Winter is the most popular time to visit Abu Dhabi. Temperatures are much milder than they are in the summer and it is far less humid. But, the sun is shining, it is unarguably warm and although there is a chance of rain, this is very slight.

What is there to do at Abu Dhabi Airport for 10 hours?

9 Things to do on a layover at Abu Dhabi Airport
Grab a bite to eat. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes, both pre- and post-Security, and several are open 24-hours. .
Unwind in a lounge. .
Hit the links. .
Go sightseeing. .
Visit Yas Island. .
Shop. .
Stay connected. .
Relax in a spa.

What are the 3 benefits of heritage tourism?

Social Benefits of Cultural and Heritage Tourism
Helps build social capital.
Promotes preservation of local traditions, customs, and culture. .
Promotes positive behaviour.
Helps improve the community’s image and pride.
Promotes community beautification.

What are the benefits of heritage?

There are several ways in which cultural heritage (e.g. heritage sites or museums) can directly and indirectly contribute to society and economy. This can be contributions to commercial activities and employment as well as regional and urban regeneration, skills development, and citizens’ cultural participation.

What can one experience during a heritage Walk?

Heritage walks, are best way to learn and recognize our culture, tradition, philosophy, myths and associated rituals with them. The walk makes one look back and reminds us of our rich culture and history, provoking us to thing about the existence of every historical structure and place.


It represents the components of wild, marine, and mountain life, where the visitor can identify closely the old traditional customs of the country and the special characteristics of old houses, handicrafts, patterns, and forms of living.


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