Hiran Minar


The great Emperor Noor-ud-Din Muhammad Jahangir laid the foundation of historical Sheikhupura. The mother of Jahangir was a Hindu and she lovingly called him Sheikhu baba. Because of this suitability, the new city was also named as Sheikhupura.

Why is Hiran Minar famous?

The Minar Built in country bricks was constructed under orders of Emperor Jahangir in about 1606 A.D. it was built in the loving memory of his pet antilope named Mansraj, which was captured somewhere in this area originally a royal hunting reserve.

Why is it called Hiran Minar?

Stricken by the loss, Jahangir paid tribute to the memory of his pet by constructing the

Who builds Hiran Minar?

More about Hiran Minar, Sheikhupura
Constructed by Mughal Emperor Jahangir
Constructed in 1620 C.E.
Memorial of Jahangirs Pet Antelope (Mansiraj)
Alternate Name The Deer Tower
Height 100 feet (30 m)
2 more rows

When was Hiran Minar bullet?

Hiran Minar was constructed in 1606 C.E. as a landmark at the request of the Mughal emperor.

What is the nickname of Multan?

Multan مُلتان
Nickname: The City of Saints
Multan Location in Pakistan Show map of Punjab, Pakistan Show map of Pakistan Show all
Coordinates: 30°11²52³N 71°28²11³E
Country Pakistan
22 more rows

What is the old name of Minar Pakistan?

Manto Park
Manto Park(old name)

Why Multan is called so?

One of the subcontinents oldest cities, Multan derives its name from an idol in the temple of the sun god, a shrine of the pre-Muslim period. The city was conquered (c. 326 BC) by Alexander the Great , visited (AD 641) by the Chinese Buddhist scholar Hs¼an-tsang, taken (8th cent.)

What is the oldest name of Multan?

Kashep Puri
Ancient name of Multan was Kashep Puri. The town was built by Raja Kashep. After Hurnakas his son Prahalad succeeded the throne and the town was then named after him as Prahalad Puri. The current name Multan was given due to Mali people who were defeated by Alexander the Great.

What is the meaning of Hiran?

deer countable noun. A deer is a large wild animal. Male deer usually have large, branching horns. /hirana, hiran, hirna, hirn/


Hiran Minar Park / Age (c. 1606)


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