How Far Is Mussoorie From Dehradun


Mussoorie. One of the most popular hill stations near Dehradun, Mussoorie is famous for its lush green hills and pleasant climate throughout the year. Mussoorie is located at an altitude of 6580 feet and is an ideal place for a fun weekend near Dehradun.

Is there any train from Dehradun to Mussoorie?

Shatabdi Express and Mussoorie Express are the two major trains connecting Dehradun with major cities of India. Taxis and Buses are easily available from Dehradun to Mussoorie.

What is the taxi fare from Dehradun to Mussoorie?

For a one-way trip, the Dehradun to Mussoorie taxi fare starts from INR 1675.

Why is Mussoorie famous?

Mussoorie, the queen of hill stations, is famous for its scenic beauty, good social life and entertainment. The excellent climate makes it an attractive holiday resort. Thronged by holidayers, it vibrates with gaiety and merry making during the summer season.

How far is nainital from Dehradun?

283 Kms
Distance Between Dehradun to Nainital
Distance between Dehradun to Nainital by Road is 283 Kms
Distance between Dehradun to Nainital by Flight is 173 Kms
Travel Time from Dehradun to Nainital by Road is 7:9 hrs
Nearest Airport in Dehradun Jolly Grant (30.32, 78.03)
Nearest Airport in Nainital Pantnagar (29.38, 79.46)

Can we cover Mussoorie in 1 day?

If you’re tired of the hustle of daily city life then wait no more and take a joyous one day Mussoorie local sightseeing tour by private cab, to this beautiful city in the hills of Uttarakhand. The city provides the best of calming experiences and an easy escape for those living in Delhi and places nearby.

How can I spend 3 days in Mussoorie?

List of 12 Best Places to visit in Mussoorie with Family for a memorable trip
Kempty Falls.
Lal Tibba.
Gun Hill Point.
Company Garden.
The Library.
Cloud’s End.
George Everest’s House.
Jharipani Falls.

How many days are enough for Mussoorie?

How many days are sufficient to explore Mussoorie? To explore Mussoorie and its nearby surroundings at a relaxed pace, one would need 2 days minimum as there are plenty of places in and around Mussoorie. Few of the must visit places are Lal Tibba, Company Garden, Kempty Falls, Clouds End etc.

Which is the best time to visit Mussoorie?

The months between March and June are Mussoorie’s busiest months of the year. This is the time when you can experience Mussoorie at its colourful best. The hill station welcomes all its visitors and opens up all its delights that is accompanied by the perfect Mussoorie weather.

How far is Rishikesh from Mussoorie?

74 Kms
Distance Between Rishikesh to Mussoorie
Distance between Rishikesh to Mussoorie by Road is 74 Kms
Distance between Rishikesh to Mussoorie by Flight is 46 Kms
Travel Time from Rishikesh to Mussoorie by Road is hrs
Nearest Airport in Rishikesh Jolly Grant (30.09, 78.27)
Nearest Airport in Mussoorie Jolly Grant (30.46, 78.07)


Rishikesh, without having any second thought. Both are good for camping to enjoy the adventure activities. But firstly make a plan to Rishikesh. Undoubtely Rishikesh is the best place for Camping.


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