How To Reach Kolhapur


The city is famous of Kolhapur SAAJ (necklace with traditional pattern), jaggery ,Kolhapur chappal (traditional leather sandal) and wrestling. Kolhapur is also famous for it non-veg food recipes (Marathi: Kolhapuri pandhara rassa, tambadaa rassa) and unique spices.

Which train goes through Kolhapur?

C Shahumharaj T Train Station
Train name (no.) passing via C Shahumharaj T Arrives T
Hyb Kop Express (11303) 2 Y
Haripriya Express (17416) Starts Y
Kolhapur Express (11049) 1 N
Maharashtra Express (11040) 1 Y
27 more rows

Does Kolhapur have an airport?

The Kohlapur Airport Authority is an owner of Kolhapur Airport and is operated by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. Airport Authority of India has taken numerous initiatives to provide ultra-modern facilities to passengers at the airport.

How to go Kolhapur from Vijayawada by train?

There is no direct transport mode connectivity between Vijayawada and Kolhapur. The cheapest way to reach from Vijayawada to Kolhapur is train to Pune Jn, then bus to Kolhapurmaharashtra and takes 24h 55m.

How much time to reach Mumbai to Kolhapur?

The total journey between Mumbai & Kolhapur takes around 5 h 36 m in a bus. The bus ticket price for the journey is approximately Rs. 550.

How many Kilometre is Goa from Kolhapur?

224 Km
Goa to Kolhapur Distance- 224 Km Road Distance, Aerial Distance – MakeMyTrip India.

Is Kolhapur a metro city?

It is a second-most populous state after Uttar Pradesh and third largest state by area in India.
List of metropolitan areas in Maharashtra.
Rank 11
Name Kolhapur City
District Kolhapur
Population 549,000
37 more columns

Can we go to Kolhapur by flight?

IndiGo, Alliance Air, Star Air all fly direct to Kolhapur.

Which month is best for Kolhapur?

Winter season in Kolhapur prevails from November to February. It is the best time to visit Kolhapur as the weather becomes extremely pleasurable at this time. The temperature in the season lies between 14 and 30 degrees Celsius. Summers in Kolhapur are very hot.

How much time takes to Pune to Kolhapur?

Distance Between Pune to Kolhapur
Distance between Pune to Kolhapur by Road is 233 Kms
Distance between Pune to Kolhapur by Flight is 206 Kms
Travel Time from Pune to Kolhapur by Road is hrs
Nearest Airport in Pune Pune International Airport (18.52, 73.86)
Nearest Airport in Kolhapur Sambre Airport (16.7, 74.24)


Klbg-kop Express : 22155 Live Train Running Status

Klbg-kop Express : 22155 runs from Kalaburagi to Kolhapur and covers stations in its route. The scheduled departure time for Klbg-kop Express from Kalaburagi is 0AM and the arrival time to Kolhapur is 0PM


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