Idukki Weather


As the water level in the Idukki dam is increasing, 50,000 litre water per second (50 cumecs) will be let out by lifting one shutter The inflow to the Idukki dam has increased as the Mullaperiyar dam was opened The shutters will not remain open for a long period, it is learnt

What is the climate in Idukki now?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Idukki, Kerala, India
Conditions Comfort
Day Temperature Humidity
Wed Jan 18 87 / 62 °F 35%
Thu Jan 19 85 / 60 °F 30%
Fri Jan 20 84 / 59 °F 39%
13 more rows

What is the best time to visit Idukki?

1Winter (October to February): Winter is undoubtedly the best time to visit Idukki! During this season, the entire of the hill station gets covered with the magical mist and showcases an irresistible charm

What is the Speciality of Idukki?

Idukki is one of the 14 districts of Kerala state, India, created on 26 January 1972 This beautiful High range district of Kerala is geographically known for its Mountainous Hills and Dense Forests For the people of Kerala, Idukki is always associated with Power Generation

Which is the coldest city in Kerala?

Munnar is the coolest place in Kerala Apart from Munnar up in the north India there are places you can visit like Simla, Manali and Darjeeling

What is blue alert in Idukki dam?

According to the rule curve, a blue alert will be declared for the reservoir if the water level reaches 237553 feet, an orange alert for 238153 feet and a red alert for 238253 feet

How many Muslims are in Idukki?

Idukki District Religion Census 2011
District Idukki
Population 1,108,974
Hindu 4886 %
Muslim 741 %
Christian 4342 %
5 more rows

Is Wayanad or Idukki better?

If you prefer wildlife and forest, wayanad is better You can visit tribal villages and know thier culture But munnar is more beautiful with its pleasant climate and beautiful tea plantations You can get good camping sites in munnar to stay inside tea estates

Is there Tiger in Idukki?

The tiger population in the area is estimated to be about 40 Though it is difficult to sight them, visitors often spot pugmarks and scats around the reserve Thirty-five species of mammals have been identified here They include rare and endangered species

Which is the 2 beautiful district in Kerala?

Munnar, located in undoubtedly the most beautiful district in Kerala Idduki district, is one of the most known places to visit in Kerala One of the most famous places in kerala, this place is known for its beauty and tea plantations making it the most visited tourist spot in India


While it hasn’t snowed here, the temperatures are low enough to turn due into frost every morning, giving the region a coat of white


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