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The Cholas became so powerful that the Pallavas were also wiped out from the Thanjavur region at a later stage. The Medieval Chola Empire traced their ancestry to the ancient Tamil King, Karikala, making him the dynastys ancestral father.

How many wives did Raja Raja Cholan have?

Rajaraja Chola is believed to have had a total of 15 wives. He also married his sisters daughter.

Is Chola a Tamil king?

The Chola dynasty was one of the three powerful, ancient Tamil kingdoms in what are now southern India and Sri Lanka. Brihadishwara Temple, or the Big Temple, was built in 1010 C.E. by Raja Raja Chola. The Chola dynasty was one of the three powerful, ancient Tamil kingdoms in what are now southern India and Sri Lanka.

Is Raja Raja Cholan real?

Rajaraja I (947 CE 1014 CE), born Arunmozhi Varman or Arulmozhi Varman and often described as Rajaraja the Great was a Chola emperor who reigned from 985 CE to 1014 CE.
Rajaraja I
Successor Rajendra I
Born Arunmozhi Varman c. 947 Thanjavur, Chola Empire (modern day Tamil Nadu, India)
18 more rows

Is Chola kingdom still alive?

The later Cholas (1070“1279 CE) would still rule portions of Southern India. The Chola dynasty went into decline at the beginning of the 13th century with the rise of the Pandyan dynasty, which ultimately caused their downfall.

Which Indian king has more wives?

Raja Udai Singh of Marwar had 27 wives and had numerous progeny, no less than 52 sons and daughters.

Who ended Cholas?

The year 1279 CE marked the end of the Chola Dynasty. The last Chola king, Rajendra Chola III, was defeated by Maravarman Kulasekara Pandyan I. And with this, the Pandyas established their rule in present day Tamil Nadu.

Who is biggest Tamil king?

Raja Raja Chola or Rajaraja I was a ruler of the Chola dynasty who reigned form from 985 CE 1014 CE. Historians describe him as one of the most powerful Tamil kings whose expansionist governance restored the influence of the Chola dynasty in the region by annexing vast swathes of key Pandya strongholds.

Which caste is Cholas?

Cholas were suryakula Kshatriyas. Pandyas were chandravanshis.

What religion are Cholas?

In general, Cholas were the adherents of Saivism and Hinduism. Throughout their history, they were not swayed by the rise of Buddhism and Jainism as were the kings, Pallava and Pandya. Even the early Cholas followed a version of the classical Hindu faith.


Rajaraja I
Vijayalayas successors built the Chola empire. Rajaraja I was considered the most powerful Chola ruler. He became the king in 985 CE.


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