Iscon Ahmedabad


1. All meat, fish and eggs, or derivatives thereof. 2. All alcoholic products and other fermented foods, such as vinegar.

Can I join ISKCON permanently?

You can be a casual guest. Some people join as a volunteer. Some become full time devotees. Another way to join Iskcon is to become a Life Patron or a Life member.

Does ISKCON give free food?

The ISKCON Temple in Delhi runs a free food distribution programme under which delicious vegetarian meals are served to devotees as prasad on a daily basis. On festive occasions, they serve even more elaborate meals.

What is ISKCON famous for?

The ISKCON temple in Delhi is known for its Bhagavad Gita Animatronics, Mahabharata Light and Sound Show, and a Ramayana Art Gallery. The ISKCON temple in Delhi also houses the Astounding Bhagavad Gita, which is arguably the largest religious book ever printed.

What is the best time to visit Iskcon Temple?

The best time to visit ISKON Temple in Bangalore is during the festival season, which begins with Sri Krishna Balarama Ratha Yatra, followed by Sri Nityananda Trayodashi in February, Sri Gauri Purnima in March, Ram Navami and Brahmostsav in April, and many more festivals throughout the year.

Do ISKCON monks get salary?

Average annual salary in ISKCON is INR 3.7 lakhs

Can I live in ISKCON for free?

3) You are welcome to stay in any ISKCON center all over the world for free, for three days in a year. Maintenance charges may apply in some centers. All accommodation is subject to availability and only with confirmed advance reservation.

Are Muslims allowed in ISKCON?

Yes, all are welcome here.

What are the 4 rules of ISKCON?

Along with chanting Hare Krishna, following these principles form the basis of Krishna conscious practice.
No eating meat, fish, or eggs. Killing animals destroys the quality of mercy.
No gambling. Truthfulness is destroyed by gambling.
No use of intoxicants.
No illicit sex.

Can I get married in ISKCON?

Yes, the two marriages may be performed by you, but only after having sufficiently counseled the respective devotees.


Around 1,000 children were alleged to have been sexually, physically and emotionally abused in ISKCON schools. The abuse is said to have taken place in 11 schools in the US and two in India between 1972 and the early 1990s. Many of those abused reportedly became alcoholics and drug-users later.


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