Isha Foundation Bangalore


Whether it is through cash contributions or donations in kind, time, or expertise, Isha Foundation offers a variety of opportunities for you to extend your support.

How far is Isha Foundation from Bangalore?

If you plan a trip to Dhyana Linga, a.k.a Isha Yoga Center from Bengaluru, you can get there in four ways – plane, train, bus, or taxi. Isha Yoga Center is just 396 km away from the “Garden City of India.” The usual route will be Bangalore->Hosur->Krishnagiri->Dharmapuri->Salem->Coimbatore->Isha Yoga Center.

Where is Isha Foundation upcoming in Bangalore?

Located in Agalagurki village, 70 km away from Bengaluru, this is the second centre of Isha Foundation outside Isha Yoga headquarters in Coimbatore¦

How can I join Isha Foundation in Bangalore?

Volunteer with Isha Vidhya
“If you want to get involved but not entangled, volunteering is a powerful tool. You should make use of it, wherever you are.” – .
Volunteering Opportunities: Conducting guest lectures/workshops. .
To volunteer, please contact: / 9442544458.

Can I stay in Isha Foundation for free?

It does not cost you anything to visit the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore as the admission is free. If you want to spend few hours or a day to visit Dhyanalinga and Linga Bhairavi then you will not have to pay anything.

Can we wear jeans in Isha Foundation?

Dress Code:

Proper attire includes: ankle length pants for both men and women (no capris or shorts) and long shirts that cover upper arms and thighs. Please avoid tight clothes both for your own comfort and as a sign of respect for the local culture.

What is the fee of Isha Foundation?

The Program Fee is INR 3,20,000 / USD 6,500 per person inclusive of all taxes.

How much do Isha volunteers get paid?

What is the estimated take home salary of a Volunteer at Isha Foundation in India? The estimated take home salary of a Volunteer at Isha Foundation ranges between ‚¹ 36,761 per month to ‚¹ 37,974 per month in India.

How much does Isha cottage cost?

The Nalanda guest accommodation includes well-furnished, air-conditioned guestrooms as well as a spacious 4-room executive suite. Rates vary from INR 2000 to 7500 per day.

Can I stay in Isha Foundation for lifetime?

Anyone who has completed Inner Engineering is welcome to volunteer short-term or long-term, at Isha Yoga Center or from home.


This living space is provided primarily for use by the applicant and co-applicants. b. Guests, if any, will only be allowed on chargeable basis as per the prevailing guest policy issued by Isha Yoga Center from time to time which will depend on the festival season and overall capacity of the Isha Yoga Center.


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