The 1947 Sylhet referendum was held in the Sylhet District of the Assam Province of British India to decide whether the district would remain in Undivided Assam and therefore within the post-independence Dominion of India, or leave Assam for East Bengal and consequently join the newly-created Dominion of Pakistan.

Why is Jaflong famous?

Jaflong is famous for its stone collections and is home of the Khasia tribe. Jaflong is also a scenic spot nearby amidst tea gardens and rare beauty of rolling stones from hills. You can watch Dauki Bazar on hills of Meghalaya & Hanging bridge connected between two hills of Meghalaya, it looks beautiful.

Which tribe’s home is in Jaflong?

It is known for its stone collections and is home of the Khasi tribe.

Which district is Jaflong located?

Sylhet district
Jaflong, Goainghat, Sylhet. Location: Located in Gowainghat upazila of Sylhet district. The distance by road from Sylhet district headquarters is only 56 km.

Why is Sylhet called London?

Migration reached its peak during the 1970s, with most originating from the Sylhet Division. The largest concentration live in east London boroughs, such as Tower Hamlets. This large diaspora in London leads people in Sylhet to refer to British Bangladeshis as Londoni (Bengali: লন্ডনà§).

What is Sylhet called?

In the official documents and historical papers, Sylhet was often referred to as Jalalabad during the era of the Muslim rule. The 17th century started the British rule in the Indian subcontinent. During the period the British East India Company employed Indian lascars which included Sylhetis.

Is Moulvibazar a district?

Moulvibazar (Bengali: মৌলভà§à¦¬à¦¾à¦œà¦¾à¦°) also spelled Maulvibazar, Moulavibazar, and Maulavibazar, (former South Sylhet) is the southeastern district of Sylhet Division in northeastern Bangladesh, named after the town of Moulvibazar.

Which river flows into Bangladesh from India and goes right past Jaflong?

The waterfalls of the hills of Meghalaya form the beautiful river Piani which flows directly to Bangladesh.

Are Sylheti Bengali?

It is variously perceived as either a dialect of Bengali or a language in its own right. While most linguists consider it an independent language, for many native speakers Sylheti forms the diglossic vernacular, with standard Bengali forming the codified lect.

How many Hindus are there in Sylhet?

In 2011, 12.85% of the population of the division were Hindus. This rate has come down to 11.52% in 2022.
Hindu population by administrative divisions.
Division Sylhet
Hindu Population 1,391,911
Total population 9,910,219
Percentage (%) 14.05
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After being commanded by his uncle, Sheikh Kabir before his journey to reside and propagate Islam in a region in which the soil matches the one that was given to him in his home country, Shah Jalal knew that it is in Srihatta where he shall reside in for the rest of his life.


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