Jubilee Hills Peddamma Temple


Jubilee Hills is a wealthy suburban neighbourhood in Hyderabad. It is known as a posh residential and commercial location with major land prices mounting up to Rs. 300,000 per square yard.

Who built Jubilee Hills peddamma Temple?

The founder of the temple was ex-MLA of Khairatabad Late P. Janardhan Reddy and this temple came into public attention since 1993. This is the temple of Goddess Durga who is the symbol of strength and power. Peddamma was an incarnation of Mahishasura Mardini is also known as Peddamma Gudi.

Why is peddamma temple famous?

‘Pedda+Amma’, literally means ‘Mother of Mothers’ or ‘The Supreme Mother’. The goddess here is one of the 11 forms of the village deities and the most supreme among the goddesses, Goddess Durga. The Temple is a must-visit during ‘Bonaalu’ festival which occurs during June-July every year.

When was peddamma temple built?

This adorable Peddamma temple constructed in a south Indian style in 1993 raja gopuram constructed. The temple built with walls on four sides with a single entry and an exit door. All the pillars in the temple explain about the epic of Hindu religion.

What is special in Jubilee Hills?

Shri Jagannath Temple. 740. Religious Sites.
KBR National Park. 339. National Parks.
Hare Krishna Golden Temple. Religious Sites. Jubilee Hills/Banjara Hills.
GVK One Mall. 177. Shopping Malls.
Lotus Pond. Bodies of Water.
City Centre Mall. Shopping Malls.
Laser Shooter. Game & Entertainment Centres.
Krishna Kanth Park. Parks.

Which is the oldest temple in Telangana?

Alampur Navabrahma Temples
The earliest temples in Telangana include the Alampur Navabrahma Temples built during the 6th century CE by the Badami Chaulukyas.

Which is the most powerful temple in India?

The Srirangam Temple is often listed as the largest functioning Hindu temple in the world. The temple, located in Tamil Nadu, occupies an area of 156 acres (631,000 m²) with a perimeter of 4,116m (10,710 feet), making it the largest temple in India and one of the largest religious complexes in the world.

Which is the rarest temple in India?

Mundeshwari Temple
Festivals Ramnavami, Shivratri, Navaratra.
Location Paunra Pahad, Ramgarh village
State Bihar
15 more rows

Which temple is powerful in Tamil Nadu?

Meenakshi Amman Temple Madurai An Ancient Divine Destination. Dedicated to Goddess Parvati in the form of Meenakshi and her consort, Lord Shiva in the form of Lord Sundareswarar, the Meenakshi Amman Temple is one of the most ancient and famous temples not only in Tamil Nadu but, in entire India.

Which is the most powerful temple in Hyderabad?

Sai Baba Temple is a Hindu temple of Sai Baba located in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad, India. It is one of the most popular temples in Hyderabad.


Birla Mandir is a Hindu temple, built on a 280 feet (85 m) high hillock called Naubath Pahad on a 13 acres (53,000 m2) plot in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. The construction took 10 years and was opened in 1976 by Swami Ranganathananda of Ramakrishna Mission.


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