Kalpathy Palakkad


Palakkad Iyers speak Thalayalam, a mishmash of Malayalam and Tamil. Though Tamil is their mother tongue, puritans in Tanjavur would frown as they speak a corrupted Palakkad dialect that has Malayalam intonations. Conversely, their Malayalam has Tamil intonations, which lends them a unique identity.

Which district is Kalpathy?

Palakkad District
Kalpathy, Palakkad District, Kerala, India | Kerala Tourism.

What is Kalpathy Chariot Festival?

English Kalpathi (Kalpathy) Ratholsavam (Kalpathi Chariot Festival) is an annual Hindu Temple festival in the Kalpathi village of Palakkad district in Kerala state, south India.

Which language is spoken in Palakkad?

Malayalam is the official language in Palakkad.

Which caste is Palakkad?

The main religion prevalent in Palakkad is Hinduism, with many castes – Menon, Pisharody, Nair, Ezhava, Ezhuthachan, Namboothiri (Kerala Brahmin), Iyer (Tamil Brahmin), trader (Moothan), Gupthans, artisan community like carpenter (Asari), goldsmith (Thattan), blacksmith (Kollan) and potter (Kusavan).

Which is the famous festival in Palakkad?

Amavasi Festival in Trippallur Siva Temple, Pooram festival in Kongad Bhagavathy temple and Retholsavam at Kodumba Subrahmanya Temple are some of the important festivals which attracts a large number of devotees.

Which is the most beautiful festival in Kerala?

Onam is the most important and popular festival in Kerala. Celebrated with much pomp and fervor, Onam is a harvest festival.

Which is the biggest temple festival in Kerala?

The largest festival in kerala in Pooram category is Arattupuzha Pooram at Arattupuzha temple and in Ulsavam category is Vrishchikolsavam of Thripunithura Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple. Some festivals include the most famous of these being the Thrissur Pooram.

Is Palakkad hot or cold?

The weather in Palakkad is an aftereffect of South West winds, always fluctuating between 22°C and 32°C. The tropical characteristics of this city mean that summers are excruciatingly hot and the city receives constant precipitation of rainfall.

What is Palakkad special food?

Their staple food is rice. Rasam, Sambhar, Koottucurry,Injippuli, and varieties of pickles and œvatthals are popular here. Madhura dosa, Ada,Vatthal Kozhambu, Kozhukkatta, Sukhiyan etc form the special delicacies of the place.


Located at the foot of the Western Ghats, this district is known as the granary of Kerala. Because of its unique landscape, natural bounty, and livability quotients, Palakkad is preferred by many who wish to settle in Kerala.


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