The six abodes are Thiruparankundram, Tiruchendur, Palani, Swamimalai, Thiruthani and Pazhamudircholai.

Why is Kataragama famous?

The holy city of Kataragama is one such center for religious practices as the renowned pilgrimage town which welcomes the devotees from different religions to delve into the special worships. It is here that sacred places pertaining to Buddhism, Hinduism and also an aboriginal lesser known Vedda faith locate.

Who is Kataragama God?

Kataragama deviyo is identified with God Skanda of Hindu tradition, who is called as Murugan by the Tamil people. There is also an identical guardian deity of Mahayana Buddhism, known as Skanda.

What is inside Kataragama Temple?

Close to the Valli shrine is a Kadamba tree that is sacred to Murugan. Within the mosque are number of tombs of Muslim holy men. There is also a separate shrine dedicated to the tomb of Kalayangiri swamy known amongst Tamils as Mutuligaswamy kovil. It is also known as the Siva Devale.

Who built the Kataragama Temple?

king Mahasena
The ancient Kiri Vehera Buddhist stupa, which is believed to be built by the regional king Mahasena in the 6th century BC is also a major attraction in Kataragama area. The town has a venerable history dating back to the last centuries BCE.

Who is the wife of Kataragama god?

Ancient tradition has it that the wily god of Kataragama courted his local sweetheart Valli while he was already duly married to Teyvanai (Divine Elephant), daughter of Indra, King of the gods.

How much does Yala Safari cost?

Yala National Park entrance fee | 4.000 LKR, ($21.50) per person. Half-day jeep safari | 5.000 6.000 LKR, ($24.00 32.25) per jeep, with a maximum of 6 people. Full-day jeep safari | 11.000 12.000 LKR, ($59.00 64.50) per jeep, with a maximum of 6 people.

Who is the first wife of Murugan?

Devasena (Tamil: à¤à¯‡ààšà¯‡àà¾, romanized: Tvac‰, lit. Army of the devas) is a Hindu goddess, and the consort of the war god Kartikeya (Murugan). She is also known as Devayanai, Deivanai, and Deivayanai in Tamil texts.

Who is real Murugan?

Murugan, chief deity of the ancient Tamils of South India, son of the warrior goddess Korravai. He was later identified in part with the North Indian war god Skanda. His favourite weapon was the trident or spear, and his banner carried the emblem of a wild fowl.

Why does Murugan have a rooster?

The story of Soorapadman says that when he was killed by Murugan, he reappeared as a mango tree. Murugan split this tree into two. One part became a rooster, and this rooster became Murugans flag. Hence Murugan is also called kukkutadhvaja ” the One who has a rooster (kukkuta) as His flag (dhvaja).


Nytpola Temple (Nepal Bhasa: pola”, lit. something with five storey) is a five tiered temple located in the central part of Bhaktapur, Nepal. It is the tallest monument within the city and is also the tallest temple of Nepal.


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