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Best time to see tigers in Pench National Park

For birding, the best time to visit Pench is from January to late April, when insect life is at its most abundant, before the rains begin in June. If you’re determined to see a tiger, come a little later, during the hotter months of March, April and May.

Which gate is best in Pench?

Sillari Gate: This is the famous and the main gate for Pench Maharashtra. Sillari is located around 40kms from Turia gate. Sillari has a beautiful forest with dense Bamboo and Teak, with a lot of water bodies and waterfalls. One can even see the Totlah Doh Dam build on the Pench River.

Which gate is near from Nagpur for Pench?

Pench Tiger Reserve, Sillari gate is the well maintained and nature’s bestowed spot. It can be claimed as one of the best tourist spot in Nagpur’s- ‘To Do ‘ listing.

How many gates are there in Pench Tiger Reserve?

Pench Tiger Reserve comprises “Indira Priyadarshini Pench National Park, Pench Mowgli Sanctuary, and the buffer forest. There are three gates for core to access Pench National Park from Madhya Pradesh – Turia Gate, Karmajhiri Gate and Jamatra Gate.

How much does a safari cost in Pench?

The cost of single Jeep safari is Rs 8000. One ride on jeep safari will accompany 6 people. For foreigners in the vehicle, extra charge of Rs 1000 is charged for every vehicle only for Khusapur and Sillari gates.

Which gate is best in Panna?

Of the two entry gates Madla and Hinauta the former is more popular and hence, more crowded. Timings: Safaris are allowed twice a day, from 6.15 -11 am, and from 3 6 pm (4 pm to sunset in summer).

Which is the best zone in Pench?

Touria is the best zone in Pench National Park (MP) for safaris. Jabalpur to Pench National Park, MP is about 200 kms/ 04 hours drive and from Nagpur it is 95 kms/ 02 hours drive.

Is there night safari in Pench?

Yes, the buffer area – Wolf Sanctuary offers Night Safari in Pench. It is the only zone which offers night safari in Pench.

Is Tadoba better than Pench?

In general, Pench located in Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh is considered better for birding and spotting leopards, while visiting Tadoba’s core area in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra pretty much guarantees tiger sightings.

Is mobile allowed in Pench safari?

Carrying mobile phone and using them inside the park is prohibited. Also we will hardly get any network so it is not worth to carry mobile phones during safari drives. Maintain minimum distance of 30 meters while viewing wildlife.


There are approx 50+ Tigers, 40+ Leopards in Pench. T-15, also famously known as Collarwali is one of the famous tigresses in Pench.

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