The identification of Pattanam as Muziris is a divisive subject among some of the historians of south India.

Why is Kodungallur famous?

The Kodungalloor Bhagavathy Temple is famous for the historic Bharani festival. This is the time where one can witness the largest congregation of oracles in the State. Here also lies the Cheraman Juma Masjid, which resembles a temple in appearance.

Where is Kodungallur in which district?

Thrissur District
Kodungalloor, Thrissur District, Kerala, India | Kerala Tourism.

How old is Kodungallur Temple?

Kurumbakavu Bhagavathi Temple, popularly known as Kodungallur Bhagavathy Temple is located about 1.5 km southeast of the Kodungallur bus stand. It is assumed that the placement of the idol of Kannaki was done about 1800 years ago by Cheran Chenkuttuvan of the Chera dynasty.

Is Kodungallur a rural area?

Total area of kodungallur taluka is 145 km² including 20.11 km² rural area and 125.28 km² urban area. Kodungallur taluka has a population of 3,12,238 peoples, out of which urban population is 2,67,970 while rural population is 44,268. Kodungallur has a population density of 2148 inhabitants per square kilometre.

Which railway station is near to Kodungallur?

Visitors planning to reach Kodungallur by train should book trains till the Irinjalakuda Railway Station. Located 14km from the town’s limit, this is the nearest railway station that also has a number of up and down trains.

What is the old name of Kozhikode?

Kozhikode also known as Calicut, is a city in the state of Kerala in southern India on the Malabar coast. Kozhikode is the largest urban area in the state and 195th largest urban area in the world.

Why is Kozhikode called so?

The exact origin of the name Kozhikode is uncertain. According to many sources, the name Kozhikode is derived from Koyil-kota (fort), meaning fortified palace. The name also got corrupted into Kolikod, or its Arab version Qāliqūṭ and later its anglicized version Calicut.

What is Kottayam called?

Kottayam is also called as œAkshara Nagari which means the œcity of letters considering its contribution to print media and literature. Kottayam Town is the first town in India to have achieved 100% literacy (a remarkable feat achieved as early as in 1989).

What is the old name of Kodungallur?

Kodungallur (IPA: [koɖuŋːɐlːuːr]; also Cranganore, Portuguese: Cranganor; formerly known as Mahodayapuram, Shingly, Vanchi, Muchiri, Muyirikkode, and Muziris) is a historically significant town situated on the banks of river Periyar on the Malabar Coast in Thrissur district of Kerala, India.


People suffering from mental illnesses and commonly visit the temple, as Chottanikkara Devi is said to cure her devotees. Guruthi pooja is a ritual done in the late evening to invoke the goddess Mahakali. Earlier ‘Guruthi Pooja’ was done only on Fridays. But nowadays, it is performed every day.


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