Krishnas Butterball


Narayani Sena
Narayani Sena (also known as Narayana Sena or Yadava Sena), the army of Lord Krishna of Dwarka Kingdom is called as the supreme Sena of all time. The Mahabharata describes its soldiers as Narayana Gopalas being of the Gopala (Abhira) people, who were cowherds and professional warriors.

Why is it called Krishnas Butterball?

According to Hindu scriptures, lord Krishna often stole butter from his mothers butter handi; this may have led to the namesake of the boulder. In 1969, a tour-guide is said to credit its present name, Krishnas Butterball, to Indira Gandhi who was on a tour of the city.

What is unique about Krishnas Butterball?

It is a massive 20 feet high and 5 meter wide rock stands on a slippery slope of a hill on less than

What is Krishnas Butterball?

The Krishnas Butterball is a strange 250-ton rock boulder, which is standing or resting inclined on a slope. It is known as Stone of Sky God. This is one of the most exciting tourist places in Mahabalipuram due to the mysterious scene it presents.

Why Krishna likes butter?

But what is it that Krishna loved more than mischief? Its white butter. Homemade butter churned by his own mother, Yashoda, was what Krishna always loved. From eating it in hiding to sharing it with his friends, Krishna never shied away from his love for white butter or makhan as called in called in Hindi.

Why was Krishnas skin blue?

The legends tell us that Lord Krishna had drunk poisoned milk given by a demon when he was a baby and that had caused the bluish tinge in his skin.

Where was Lord Krishnas body buried?

Bhalka Tirtha
Deity Krishna his Death
Governing body Shree Somnath Trust
Location Veraval
11 more rows

Which bird was Sri Krishnas Favourite?

But the peacocks were so full of happiness and gratitude that the king of peacocks went up to Lord Krishna and as gratitude, asked him to accept him feathers as they were his most prized possession. He dropped some feathers on the ground and Lord Krishna accepted his humble offering.

Why is Draupadi called krishnaa?

Like other epic characters, she is referred to by multiple names in the Mahabharata. Some of her other names and epithets are as follows Krishnaa (Kṛṣṇ) one who has a dark complexion. It is the birth name of Draupadi.

What is Krishnas favorite color?

On Janmashtami 2022, dress up in Lord Krishnas favourite colour, yellow.


Name Epithets Mode of marriage
Bhadra Kaikeyi Married by brothers to Krishna.
Madri Subhima (HV) –
Rohini Jambavati (?) Krishna married her after defeating Narakasura (when considered leader of junior wives)(BP)
7 more rows


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