80 sons
Interesting facts about Lord Krishna’s 80 sons

Lord Krishna has a very mysterious personality. One of the most interesting facts of Krishna is that he married around 16, 108 wives. As per the sayings, each wife gave birth to 10 children and each child had some features of Lord Krishna!

Why do we celebrate Krishnastami?

The Krishna Janmashtami festival marks the birth of Krishna, one of the most popular deities worshipped by Hindus. He is thought to have been born in 3228 BC. His birthday is celebrated eight days after Raksha Bandhan, a festival celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters.

What is done on Krishnashtami?

Hindus celebrate Janmashtami by fasting, singing, praying together, preparing and sharing special food, night vigils, and visiting Krishna or Vishnu temples. Major Krishna temples organize recitation of Bhagavata Purana and Bhagavad Gita.

What is the meaning of Krishnashtami?

: a Hindu festival celebrating the birthday of the deified hero Krishna.

Is Krishnashtami an auspicious day?

One of the most auspicious days in the calendar, Krishna Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, the 8th avatar of Vishnu. The day is marked by many stories that are weaved around the occasion, with Krishna’s early makhan chor days being a much-favoured family conversation.

Why Krishna’s body is blue?

The legends tell us that Lord Krishna had drunk poisoned milk given by a demon when he was a baby and that had caused the bluish tinge in his skin.

What happens if a child is born on Janmashtami?

The belief is that a baby born on Janmashtami is a reincarnation of Krishna.

Why do girls fast on Janmashtami?

Fasting has a deeper meaning since it draws the soul nearer to the Supreme Being. Thus, the Krishna Janmashtami fast is linked to achieving salvation, also known as nirvana, which is an escape from the cycles of karma.

What should be avoided during Janmashtami?

Only satvik food should be consumed during vrat on Krishna Janmashtami. Garlic and onion should not be consumed on this day. Also, having milk and curd is essential to the Janmashtami celebration. As Lord Krishna was fond of cows, feeding cows on Janmashtami is considered noble.

Which day is good for Krishna?

Budhvar (Wednesday) is dedicated to Lord Krishna, the planet Budh, or Mercury. Lord Vithal, an incarnation of Krishna, is also associated with the day. Lord Vishnu may be worshipped in some areas. It is believed that a Fast (Upvaas), on Budhvar, can help you lead a peaceful family.


Krishnamurthy: Krishnamurthy means ‘Lord Krishna’ or ‘The manifestation of Lord Krishna’. This name is one of the most popular baby boy names among the followers of Hinduism.


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