Kumbhalgarh Ranakpur


The timings of Kumbhalgarh Fort Light and Sound show are pm to pm.

Is 1 day enough for Kumbhalgarh?

How many days are required to visit Kumbhalgarh? Kumbhalgarh requires one full day to visit the most important attractions. There are several wonderful destinations around Kumbhalgarh like Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Mount Abu and Jodhpur which can be visited by adding few additional days to the trip.

Is Kumbhalgarh worth visiting?

Yes, Kumbhalgarh Fort is a worth visiting tourist destination in Udaipur. It has everything a traveller’s heart yearns for, starting from its breathtaking location covering eleven greeny perks of the Aravalli region, vintage temples, to its supreme attraction, Kumbha palace.

How much time is needed in Kumbhalgarh Fort?

Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur can definitely be done in one day if you have a good driver and are ready to motivate yourselves for a hectic day.

How much does it cost to walk in Kumbhalgarh Fort?

after visiting kumbha palace you have to climb near about 25 steps to go up. the road leads to fort is sloppy walk way just like a ghat road. From main entrance to fort top, the distance will be around 2 km you can easily climb the fort without any back pack.

Which is better to visit Kumbhalgarh or Mount Abu?

Abu is more better then Kumbhalgarh because you can visit the city and lake at Mt. Abu and in kumbhalgarh you can only visit the fort.

What is the best time to visit Kumbhalgarh Fort?

winter season
March to June

The most suitable time to visit Kumbhalgarh is during the winter season as the climate remains cool and pleasant. It is suitable for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Is 2 day enough for Udaipur?

You couldn’t see it all in a day, actually, a day would be wasteful because Udaipur is most beautiful when you explore outside of the city. You could easily stay here 3 days or more, depending on your itinerary. But India is a big country and if you’re taking it all on, then two days is where it’s at!

How can I spend 1 day in Udaipur?

What to do in Udaipur in one day? Udaipur City Palace, Monsoon Palace, Jag Mandir Palace, Bagore Ki Haveli, Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Vintage Cars Museum, Saheliyon Ki Badi, Eklingji Temple, Ambrai Ghat, Karni Mata, Jagdish Temple, Dudh Talai, Sukhadia Circle, Nehru Garden.

Why is Kumbhalgarh famous?

Kumbhalgarh is a small town situated on the western range of Aravalli Hills near the city of Udaipur. Kumbhalgarh is famous for one of the largest forts in the country the glorious and majestic Kumbhalgarh Qila! This awe inspiring fort also houses the world’s second largest wall.



Located 84 kms north of Udaipur in the wilderness, Kumbhalgarh is the second most important citadel after Chittorgarh in the Mewar region. Cradled in the Aravali Ranges the fort was built in the 15th century AD by Rana Kumbha.


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