Lake Arthur Dam


Set at an elevation of more than 1000 meters, the staircase waterfall in Maharashtra is located at the core of Visapur Fort that happens to be one of the highest forts in the state.

Which dam is known as Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake?

Bhandardara Dam
Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India. Bhandardara Dam, also known as Wilson Dam, was established on the Pravara River and was inaugurated in 1926. It is about 150 meters above the ground. The reservoir created by this dam is known as Arthur Lake or Bhandardara Lake.

Who built Bhandardara Lake?

the British
Arthur Lake acts as a reservoir for the Bhandardara Dam or Wilson Dam. The construction work of the dam was started in 1910 AD and was completed in 1926 AD by the British. The dam is one of the oldest dams in India at a height of 492 feet and is famous for the nearby Umbrella Falls.

Where is Bhandardara Lake situated?

Bhandardara Dam also known as Wilson Dam has its existence on Pravara River and is situated 150 metres above ground level. This dam is located in holiday resort village of Bhandardara on the western coast of India. This lies in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.

What is the 2 biggest dam in the United States?

Grand Coulee Dam
Grand Coulee Dam is the second largest dam in the U.S., located on the Columbia River in Washington. It is 550 feet tall and impounds the Columbia River for hydroelectric power generation.

What is the biggest dam in Texas?

Mansfield Dam
Mansfield Dam (Texas)

Spanning a deep canyon in Austin, Texas, the Mansfield Dam is a concrete gravity multitasker and the tallest in Texas at 278 feet tall. Completed in 1942, the dam was built for flood control, water storage, and production of hydroelectricity.

Which is the oldest dam in Maharashtra?

koynanagar is some 200 Kms from is good to visit either in rains or immediately after rains. there is a koyna dam and its long reservoir where there is facility of boating/cruise.

Why is Bhandardara famous?

Bhandardara is home to Mount Kalsubai, the highest peak (5,400 ft or 1,600 m) in Maharashtra. Another tourist attraction is the Wilson Dam on the Pravara River, which was built in 1910. The Umbrella Falls also draw visitors, although it can be seen only during the monsoons between July and October.

What type of dam is Bhandardara dam?

The Type of Build Masonry. Height 507 meters. Width (bottom) 82.2 9. Construction Start 1910.

Which is the largest lake in Maharashtra?

Lonar Lake
Location Buldhana district, Maharashtra, India
Coordinates 19°58²30³N 76°30²27³E
Type impact crater lake, salt lake
Basin countries India
16 more rows


Igatpuri is known for Vipassana International Academy, where ancient technique of meditation is taught called Vipassana. The place is one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra in monsoon. It is a hill station on busy Mumbai-Agra NH-3 only 45 km from Nashik and 130 km from Mumbai.


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