Lake Prashar


Ques 3- Which is the coldest place in Himachal Pradesh? Ans- Lahaul and the Spiti Valley are two of the coldest places in Himachal Pradesh.

Why is Parashar Lake famous?

Prashar is known for Prashar lake, sloppy meadows, dense forest and the panoramic view of snow clad ranges of Dhauladhar. The Prashar Lake which has perimeter of about 300 mtr. is decorated by a floating island in it. Its crystal clear water adds to the charm of this scenic spot.

How difficult is Prashar Lake Trek?

The Prashar Lake trek difficulty level is easy and you only need a basic level of fitness to complete this trek. Make sure you carry good quality trekking shoes and a snugly fit rucksack to make the journey more comfortable. You can easily do the Prashar Lake trek in one day.

Is Prashar Lake Worth Visiting?

The lake is highly recommended for people who are always in the search of tranquility and peace in every place they visit. If you wish to experience the most exotic views of nature, then you should definitely check out Prashar Lake at least once in your life.

Is there snowfall in Prashar Lake?

Prashar Lake Trek Temperature and Weather Details

It can start to snow here anytime in January which makes it a great time to visit for someone wanting to catch a live snowfall. Heavy woolens, a windproof jacket with a hood, gloves, and shoes that can handle snow are a must for visiting at this time.

Can cars reach Prashar Lake?

8 months ago. Yes, Parashar Lake is accessible by car. Only in winter when snowfall has been there, you might experience little difficulty in driving the car. The road is ok – ok as vehicle can be taken to the last spot.

Is there a road to Prashar Lake?

There are two options to reach Prashar Lake. One is by trek from Baggi village through the woods, and another is direct via road. The road goes all the way to the top and is about 20 km in length from Baggi Village.

Can we stay at Prashar Lake?

It will depend on how you are traveling actually but if traveling by road, you can reach Prashar Lake via Mandi and return via Kullu, covering both routes. if you are trekking then you can reach Mandi first and then Baggi. From Baggi you can trek up to the lake and stay here for the night.

How long is Prashar Lake Trek?

Short Itinerary for Prashar Lake Trek

Reach Baggi and start your 7 km trek to Prashar Lake, You will reach Prashar lake within 4-5 hours. Dinner and overnight stay at the camps, guesthouse or hotel in Prashar.

Is camping allowed in Prashar Lake?

– You will take your packed lunch with you on your trek to Prashar Lake. – After arriving at the lake, take a short hike forward to your campsite where you can enjoy a bonfire and a filling dinner before you go to sleep in your comfy and high-quality tents.


By Air:- Bhuntar Airport is the nearest Airport from Prashar Lake which is approximately 60 km away. From Bhuntar take a cab/bus to Mandi. From Mandi, You can take a bus or hire a private cab to Baggi which is the starting point of the Prashar Lake trek. By Train:- No direct trains run to Mandi from Delhi or Shimla.


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