Lonavala Waterfall


Kashid Beach

It is one of the popular beaches near Lonavala, and among the famous weekend getaway from Mumbai and Pune. It is a 3 km long white sand beach known for its clear waters, white sand, and casuarina groves that line the shore.

Which waterfall is located between Khandala and Lonavala?

Kune Waterfalls
Kune Waterfalls is a picturesque cataract, nestled between the scenic valleys of Lonavala and Khandala. Cascading from a height of 200 metres, it is the 14th highest waterfall in the country.

Is there a reverse waterfall in Lonavala?

Reverse Waterfall, Lonavala Overview

The Reverse Waterfall is a waterfall that flows in the reverse direction. This is one of the most popular reverse waterfalls in India and amongst the only few. Best visited during the monsoon, the trek to the waterfall is popular amongst the adventure enthusiasts.

Is Kune Falls open?

Currently, the approached road to Kune Falls is a private property. So, visitors are not allowed to visit the falls.

How to reach Kataldhar waterfall?

The nearest major railway station to Kataldhar waterfall is Lonavala railway station. If you have good fitness level, you can walk all the way to the waterfall from the station (10 kms one way3 to 4 hours) (take the upper deck Resort route and not the Della Adventure park one put on Gmaps).

Is 2 days enough for Lonavala?

This 2 days trip to Lonavala will help you escape your monotonous life and dive into a peaceful, yet fun, journey. A drive on the Mumbai-Pune expressway to Lonavala, is a completely rejuvenating experience, one which will also let you enjoy some beautiful views of the Western Ghats.

Why is Lonavala so famous?

It is known for its production of the hard candy chikki and is also a major stop on the railway line connecting Mumbai and Pune. From the Pune suburbs, local trains are available from Pune Junction. Both the Mumbai-Pune Expressway as well as the Mumbai-Bengaluru highway pass through Lonavala.

Which point is best in Lonavala?

Places to Visit in Lonavala:
Tigers Leap, Lonavala. Tigers Leap | #1 of 25 Places to Visit in Lonavala. .
Bhaja Caves, Lonavala. Bhaja Caves | #2 of 25 Places to Visit in Lonavala. .
Karla Caves, Lonavala. .
Bhushi Dam, Lonavala. .
Dukes Nose, Lonavala. .
Tikona Fort, Lonavala. .
Pawna Lake, Lonavala. .
Lohagad Fort, Lonavala.

Can Lonavala be covered in one day?

Lonavala, a town and a hill station located 64 kilometers from Pune and 96 kilometers from Mumbai is hailed as one of the most famous tourist destinations in India.
1 Day Itinerary of Lonavala Local Sightseeing Tour Package.
S.No Sightseeing Place Recommended Duration
4 Bushi Dam 40 minutes
5 Lonavala Lake 30 minutes
11 more rows

Is there any entry fee for Lonavala?

There is no such Lonavala ticket to visit Lonavala.


Lonavala Places To Visit in One Day

Pawna Lake, Rajmachi Fort & Kondane Caves, Dukes Nose, Canyon Valley, Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort, Bhushi Dam, Lonavala Lake, Imagica Adlabs, Celebrity Wax Museum, Rajmachi Fort, Aamby Valley, Amrutanjan Point, Karla Caves, Bhimashankar Trail and many more tourist attractions.


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