Lotus Temple Timing


Guards check all your bags in the entrance and they are very serious about it. This was a very pretty building from the outside but the experience going to the temple was underwhelming if you do not have religious ties.

On which day is Lotus Temple closed?

Visiting Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Open all days. (Closed on Monday)

What is the entry fee of Lotus Temple?

Free Entry
Lotus Temple New Delhi Facts
City New Delhi
Deities Delhi
Significance The Lotus Temple is the only Bahai temple of worship in Asia. Bahaism is recognized as a combination of the nine great religions of the world.
Live Darshan Not Available
Entry Fees Free Entry
11 more rows

Can I visit Lotus Temple at night?

The timings of Lotus Temple are am to pm during the months of October to March. While, during the summer season, the temple remains open from am to 7 pm.

Is entry in Lotus Temple free?

There is no entry fee for Lotus Temple. However, if you are planning to take photographs, a special permission is required.

Which is the best time to visit Lotus Temple?

The best time to visit the Lotus Temple is during the months of October to March, during winter and spring.

Is there any dress code for Lotus Temple?

Like all Bahá’i Houses of Worship, the temple is open to anyone of any faith, so there is no official dress code all you need to remember is to take off your shoes.

Is phone allowed in Lotus Temple Delhi?

Note that if you wish to take photographs inside the Lotus Temple, you will have to take prior permission from the authorities. However, mobile phones are allowed in its premises so you would be able to take photos with your phone camera.

Which day Qutub Minar is closed?

A: Qutub Minar remains open on all days of the week, and the visiting timings are from am to pm. The best time to visit this monument is during the winter season, when the weather is cool and pleasant for sightseeing. Q.

Is food allowed in Lotus Temple?

Nice place but be advised that you can’t have food or drinks in your bag. And they check very seriously at the gate.


3. Sleeping tips : Do not sleep in a temple. Since the atmosphere in a temple is sattvik,, the act of sleeping, which is rich in Tama component, is prohibited there. Temples are extremely sattvik places; whereas, the act of sleeping is Tamapredominant in nature.


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