Mantralayam Temple Timings


Srisailam is located at a distance of approximately 155 km from Mantralayam It takes approximately hours to reach Srisailam from Mantralayam

Can we visit Mantralayam now?

Daily Darshana

You can have Darshana of Sri Moola Ramadevara Pooja only if HH Sri Swamiji is residing at Mantralayam. On the days of His tentative tour, some scholars or priests will do regular pooja and Hastodaka. Pooja time may vary a bit according to the rush of devotees.

When should I visit Mantralayam temple?

To get the best of the weather, the best time to visit Mantralayam is between October to March. The weather is cold and pleasant during this time, and rainfall is unlikely to hinder your plans.

Is one day enough for Mantralayam?

Panchamukhi Anjaneya temple is the only one near to Mantralaya. But, you can spend 2 days at Mantralayam itself by attending morning pooja by swamiji and take blessing of swamiji in another session. Evening there will be Rathosavam which will be very attractive.

Is there dress code in Mantralayam?

As per the Mantralayam temple dress code, men should wear dhoti and no shirt (only Angavastram). Women devotees should wear a sari or salwar kameez. Devotees will not be allowed to enter the Mantralayam temple wearing informal attire like jeans, shorts or T-shirts.

How to book tickets for Mantralayam Temple?

Mantralayam Temple Room Booking Online:

Visit the official website of Sri Raghavendra Swamy temple. On the home page, you can find the menubar. Select the œOnline Services option from the menu. Then select œAdvance Room Booking.

How long is Mantralayam from Bangalore?

Distance Between Bengaluru to Mantralayam Is 400 Kms , Duration, Driving Directions & Route Map.

Can we go to Mantralayam during periods?

As a case in point, they say, even Raghavendra Swami, a 17th-century saint was a Brahmachari, but there is no restriction for women visiting his shrine at Mantralayam.

How is climate in Mantralayam today?

Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph. Sunny.

Are mobile phones allowed in Mantralayam temple?

No. You are not allowed to carry mobile phones. Lockers are available outside the temple to store those.


1 Brundavan – Samadhi Temple. Pilgrimage. Duration of visit: 1-2 Hours. Timings: 6 AM to AM, AM to 2 PM & 4 PM to 9.30 PM. Entry Fee: FREE.
2 Manchalamma Temple. Pilgrimage. Duration of visit: 15 Mins. Timings: 6 AM to AM, AM to 2 PM & 4 PM to 9.30 PM.


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