Marine Drive Beach


This sea is not safe for swimming and should be avoided.

Does Marine Drive have a beach?

The greatest attraction of Marine drive is the Chowpatty Beach located at the end. There are several stalls line up in this beach selling various snacking items and the local food.

Is Juhu Beach and Marine Drive same?

The distance between Juhu Beach and Marine Drive is 17 km. The road distance is 20.5 km.

Why is Marine Drive so famous?

Marine Drive, also called the Queen’s Necklace, is one of the most easily recognizable landmarks in Mumbai. This arc-shaped bay-side boulevard lining the Arabian Sea in South Mumbai is arguably the best spot to watch beautiful sunsets and indulge in leisurely walks.

Is Marine Drive open for public today?

The iconic Marine Drive in Mumbai is a landmark in itself and needs no introduction.
Marine Drive Mumbai Timings.
Day Timing
Friday 1 am 1 pm
Saturday 1 am 1 pm
Sunday 1 am 1 pm
4 more rows

Is Marina Beach in Dubai free?

Marina Beach is one of the fabulous free beaches in Dubai. It’s not just a beautiful beach to cool off and have some summertime blast, it is also located along The Walk at JBR.

Can you drive your car on the beach in the Outer Banks?

Beach driving is allowed year round on Hatteras Island and October 1-April 30 in Nags Head and Kill Devil Hills. For current Cape Hatteras National Seashore Off Road Vehicle (ORV) use, please click here. For current Nags Head Off Road Vehicle (ORV) use, please click here.

Can we spend night at Marine Drive?

Marine Drive

If you are here any time after am, chances are that the cops will ask you to leave. So if you’d like to experience the calm and serenity of Marine Drive, it’s best to come between 10 pm and 1 am.

Which beach is better Aksa or Juhu?

If one wants to go to a clean beach within a short driving distance Aksa beach is definitely a very good option. Much cleaner and less crowded as compared to juhu especially if you go on a weekday. Weekends may get a bit crowded but still manageable. Water here is quite clean so one can go deep into water.

Which station is closer to Juhu?

The D.N. Nagar station is the nearest one to Juhu Beach in Mumbai.


Bordering the Arabian Sea, this famous road is a popular spot for watching sunsets, and is gorgeous when lit up at night.


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