While Liquor is available at Masinagudi town, you have a limited range and they often run out of stock, especially on weekends and holidays.

Why is Masinagudi famous?

Masinagudi is a part of the Mudumalai National Park in Tamil Nadu. The Mudumalai National Park is a large wildlife sanctuary which has been declared as Tiger Reserve and extends into the states of Karnataka and Kerala. Masinagudi is noted for its rich forests and abundant flora and fauna.

Is Masinagudi worth visiting?

A famous tourist destination nestled in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu, Masinagudi boasts a stunning landscape that includes verdant forests, cascading waterfalls, shimmering rivulets and unique wonders of nature which are worth witnessing.

Is Masinagudi open for tourists now?

On Masinagudi, the Ooty – Kalhatti – Masinagudi route (downhill) is not being permitted. You will need to take the Gudalur route to get to Thepakkadu and then back track to Masinagudi. Since you are travelling from Chennai, you can actually avoid the Ooty drive by entering Masinagudi from Mysore as well.

Which is the Best time to visit Masinagudi?

The best season to visit Masinagudi is the winters and the onset of summers. The favourable months to visit the place are between October to May. The climate remains pleasant during these months offering tourists the best holiday experience.

Which place is called poor man’s Ooty?

Yercaud a beautiful hill station in Salem District in Tamil Nadu presents a welcome contrast with its cool climate. It is a less expensive place and is also referred as “the Poor Man’s Ooty”. As a popular tourist destination, Yercaud is also called as Jewel of the South.

Is Ooty to Masinagudi road open?

It is open now and you can go down that route.

How many days required in Masinagudi?

Masinagudi 2 nights

Bring the kids along to Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve and Dodda Sampige Mara. Explore Masinagudi’s surroundings by going to Himavad Gopalaswamy Betta (in Chamarajanagar), Gopalaswami Betta (in Bandipur National Park) and Moyar River (in Mudumalai).

Which is better Masinagudi or Bandipur?

Bandipur is for Tiger, the forest is less dense compared to others. Mudumalai or Masinagudi will be good to spot Bisons, Elephants. How many days are you planning to stay there? If it is more than one then definitely stay one night in Bandipur and the other night in Masinagudi since those are not very far.

How do I plan a trip to Masinagudi?

The easiest way to reach Masinagudi would be by boarding a train to either Mysore or Coimbatore and then hiring a cab to Masinagudi. By Air: Take a flight to the Coimbatore International Airport from Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru or Hyderabad or from Singapore, UAE and Sri Lanka.


COIMBATORE: The hunt for the man-eating tiger MDT-23 of Masinagudi in the Nilgiris finally came to an end after 21 days, with the forest department capturing it alive on Friday.


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