Mattupetty Dam


Madikheda Dam
Location Madikheda, Shivpuri District, Madhya Pradesh
Coordinates 25°33²20³N 77°51²10³E
Construction began 1978
Opening date 2008
10 more rows

Do you need to book in advance to visit Mattupetty Dam?

The dam of Mattupetty is a storage concrete gravity dam storing waters from confluence of the mountain streams of Muthirappuzha River, Chanduvarai River and Kundale River.

What’s the best way to see Mattupetty Dam?

The dam was constructed under the Pallivasal Hydro-electric project in the late 1940s, for the purpose of water conservation and power generation.

In which river is mattupetty dam situated?

Mattupetty Dam
Mattupetty Dam മാട്ടുപെട്ടി അണക്കെട്ട്
Location Munnar, Kerala, India
Coordinates 10.106°N 77.124°E
Construction began 1949
Opening date 1953
11 more rows

Who built Mattupetty dam?

Cheruthoni Dam
Opening date 1973
Owner(s) Kerala State Electricity Board
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Straight gravity concrete
20 more rows

Which is the first concrete dam in India?

It had very little pondage and operated as run-of-the-river.
Dhauliganga Dam
Location of Dhauliganga Dam in Uttarakhand
Country India
Location Uttarakhand
Coordinates 29°58²42.6³N 80°34²19.2³E
15 more rows

Which is the first concrete dam in Kerala?

Three dams
Three dams – Munnar Headworks Dam, Lower Periyar Dam, and Maniyar Dam – have no drainage area across the river. The Idukki Dam and Idamalayar Dams hold 48 percent of the total storage capacity combined of all dams in Kerala.
List of dams and reservoirs in Kerala.
District/City Number of Dams
Total 63
10 more rows

Which is the smallest dam in Uttarakhand?

The Tehri Dam is located in the state of Uttarakhand. It is the highest Dam in India with a height of 260.5 metres. It is also listed in the top ten highest dams in the world.

How many dams are there in Munnar?

The Tehri Dam is India’s largest dam and one of the world’s tallest. It is a multi-purpose rock and earth-fill embankment dam near Tehri in Uttarakhand, India, on the Bhagirathi River.

Which is the tallest concrete dam in India?

World’s Largest Dam by Volume

Hoover Dam is solid concrete and it was designed specifically to be used as a dam, whereas the Syncrude Tailings is the piled up dirt left over from mining operations.


Kallanai Dam
Kallanai Dam built across the Kaveri river of Tamil Nadu is the oldest dam (first dam) in India. It is also known as the Grand Anicut.


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