Meenakshi Sundaresan


The Rashi/Zodiac of Name Meenakshi is Simha/Leo (M, TT) and Nakshatra is Magha/Makam (Ma, Me, Mu, Mi).

What is special about Meenakshi Temple?

The Meenakshi Temple is the physical center of the city of Madurai as well as its economic, mythical, and spiritual heart. Its importance radiates outward from the central shines through Madurai to the entire Tamil-speaking region in south India, and beyond.

Why does goddess Meenakshi have a parrot?

The main icon of Meenakshi shows her holding a parrot, symbol of Kama, god of love. She also has a small dagger on her waist band, reminding everyone who is the overlord. On the temple wall is the image of her marriage.

Why is Meenakshi goddess in green?

Why is Madurai Meenakshi green? œAccording to myth, Meenakshi is said to have a dusky complexion, an indication of her Dravidian origin. And when dusky women apply turmeric on their faces, they get a greenish tint. And that’s why Meenakshi is shown green.

Is Parvati and Meenakshi same?

Meenakshi was an incarnation of the goddess Parvati, a form she took because of a boon she granted to her devotee, Vidyavati. Pleased with Vidyavati’s penance, Parvati agreed to be born as her daughter in Vidyavati’s next life.

What is Meenakshi Idol made of?

The idol of Meenakshi

The principal deity of this temple is Meenakshi, a form of Goddess Parvati, which has been carved in emerald hued stone.

What are the main future of Meenakshi?

The temple complex has 4 nine-storey gopurams (outer, raja), 1 seven-storey gopuram (Chittirai), 5 five-storey gopurams, 2 three-storey, and 2 one-storey gold-gilded sanctum towers. Of these five are gateways to the Sundareshvara shrine, three to the Meenakshi shrine.

What is not allowed in Meenakshi Temple?

Photography/videography is prohibited inside the temple premises. So, kindly Leave hand bags/photo & Video cameras/torch lights/pen knives/scissors in your car. Parking is 100ft from temple. After visiting temple, you may come back with your cameras and take photos from outside the temple.

Did Lord Shiva marry Meenakshi?

Meenakshi requested Shiva to marry her and he very benignly consented. Shiva told her to return to Madurai and wait for him. He arrived eight days later in the resplendent form of Sundareswarar, the Handsome Lord and married the beautiful Meenakshi in a magnificent ceremony called Thirukalyanam.

Is Meenakshi wife of Shiva?

Meenakshi (Sanskrit: Mīnākṣī; Tamil: Mīṉāṭci; sometimes spelled as Minakshi; also known as Aṅgayaṟkaṇṇi, Mīnāṭci and Taḍādakai), is a Hindu goddess and tutelary deity of Madurai who is considered an avatar of the Goddess Shakti also referred to as Durga. She is the divine consort of Sundareswarar, a form of Shiva.


Meenakshi Ammal told her daughter that they would search for the diamond stud and find it. Meenakshi Ammal believed that the news of lost diamond nose-stud would make her husband angry. Hence, Meenakshi Ammal told her daughter not to mention the event to her father. Was this answer helpful?


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