Mid Manair


A site to behold when its gates are opened during peak flood season in Monsoon, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is considered one of largest dams built in the recent times in Asia. As the tallest masonry dam, Nagarjuna Sagar Dam is also the pride of India. The project has catchment area of roughly 215000 sq.km.

What is the name of Karimnagar dam?

The Lower Manair Dam
The Lower Manair Dam is located on the Manair River at 18°24² N latitude and 79° 20² E longitude in Karimnagar District at Km. 146 of Kakatiya Canal.

In which district is Mid Manair Reservoir located?

ž The work consists of formation of Mid Manair Reservoir at Manwada(V), Boinpally(M), Karimnagar Dist. to store 25.873 C of water with FRL+318.000 with designed flood discharge of 5,08,000 cusecs, including Construction of Spillway, Radial Gates, Infall Regulator, Left side and Right side Off-take sluices and all its

Who built Lower Manair Dam?

The square type structure holds four clocks on its top displaying time. Although covered by high raise buildings now, it was the tallest structure when it was constructed in 1928. The British Collector Hunter is said to have constructed it. Elgandal Fort is situated amidst palm groves on the banks of the Manair River.

How many gates are there in Karimnagar dam?

20 floodgates
The dam has 20 floodgates.

Who is the MLA of Karimnagar?

Karimnagar Assembly constituency
Current MLA Gangula Kamalakar
Party Telangana Rashtra Samithi
Elected year 1952
7 more rows

Who is IAS Karimnagar?

Shri R.V.Karnan I.A.S.
Shri R.V. Karnan I.A.S., | Karimnagar | India.

How many gates are there in Mid Manair Dam?

25 radial gates
Mid Manair Dam is a major irrigation project across the Manair River, at Manwada Village, Boinpalli Mandal, Rajanna Sircilla district, Telangana. It has a capacity of 25.87 cft with 25 radial gates. It has a capacity to irrigate 2,00,000 acres.

How many gates are there in Manair dam?

6,475 sq km. The Lower Manair dam has 20 floodgates. And its a treat to the eyes to see water gushing out of the gates with it full force, and then becoming one by flowing into the neighboring water bodies.

Who built upper Manair dam?

the Nizam
To fulfill the drinking and irrigation needs of local farmers, Upper Manair reservoir was constructed in


King Fahads reservoir still has the largest storage capacity, at 325,000,000 m3 (263,000 acre‹…ft).
King Fahad Dam
Country Saudi Arabia
Location Bisha, Asir Region
Coordinates 19°41²46.80³N 42°29²14.46³E
Purpose Flood control, municipal water, irrigation, groundwater recharge
19 more rows


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