Minneriya National Park


Botswana is currently home to more elephants than any other African country, and southern Africa remains a stronghold for 293,000, or 70%, of the estimated remaining African elephants.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Minneriya National Park?

Minneriya (Sinhala: à¸à·’à±à·Šà±à·šà»à·’àº) is a small town in Sri Lanka that is famous for two things the great Minneriya lake built by King Mahasen and Minneriya National Park which is a hot spot for safari lovers because of its abundance of elephants.

What’s the best way to see Minneriya National Park?

July to October is the best season to visit minneriya national park as you can see more than 300 wild elephants.

What is minneriya famous for?

Minneriya National Park is home to the world’s largest known gathering of Asian elephants. During this period, herds of up to 350 elephants are seen at the 8,890-hectare park within a few square kilometers of the Minneriya Tank. According to some reports, there are as many as 700 elephants.

What is the best time to visit minneriya national park?

Wildlife in Minneriya

Among the 24 species of mammals resident in the park are Elephants, Leopards, Sloth Bear, Spotted Deer, Sambar Deer, Wild Buffalo, Wild Pig, Grey Langers, Purple-faced Leaf Monkey, three species of Mongoose, Porcupine and Indian Pangolin.

How many elephants are there in Minneriya?

After the construction of the Minneriya reservoir, Mahasen was regarded as a god or deity, and was called Minneri Deviyo (God of Minneriya). After his death, a shrine was built for him near the Minneriya reservoir, the remains of which can be seen to this day.

What animals are in minneriya national park?

King Mahasen
The Minneriya Tank was built by the great tank builder, King Mahasen (276303) who ruled in Anuradhapura. This tank occupied 4670 acres and its strong 13-meter-tall dam running along a distance of 2 km held over 20 billion gallons of water.

Who is the God of Minneriya?

Minneriya electoral district was an electoral district of Sri Lanka between March 1960 and February 1989. The district was named after the town of Minneriya in Anuradhapura District, North Central Province.

Who built Minneriya?

February to June
The best time to visit Yala National Park is from February to June during the dry season. With less water in the ponds, it’s easier to spot animals coming out to drink. The peak season for leopards is February and March.

Which district is minneriya?

No one will miss the magnificent view of Minneriya wewa when travelling to Polonnaruwa passing Habarana. Minneriya reservoir is believed to be constructed in


African elephants are the largest land animals in the world today. The largest African elephant ever recorded was found in Angola, rocking in at a massive 24,000 lb (11,000 kg), with a shoulder height of 3.96 meters (13.0 ft), and being at least a metre taller than the average male African elephant!


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