Bumper ride, also known as Tubing, can be a fun and exciting way for everyone to enjoy a ride over the crashing waves unlike many other water activities like rafting or kayaking that requires prior experience. Available in all the major beaches in Goa, Bumper ride in Goa is safe for kids too.

Is mobor beach private?

Mobor Beach is often mistaken for a private beach, as a portion of it is owned by some famous luxury hotel chains.

Is Arossim Beach in North or South Goa?

South Goa
For us, one of the most rewarding resorts in South Goa is Arossim, a quiet and clean setting nestled between Majorda Beach and the peninsula upon which Vasco de Gama is located.

Which beach is blue in Goa?

The southernmost point of Goa, Canacona is famous for the Palolem Beach, a stretch of literally white sands and clear blue sea. Situated in the southern most point of Goa, Palolem is 40 kms from Margao, the administrative capital of South Goa.

Where is Butterfly Island in Goa?

Butterfly Beach is located 37 km south of Mormugao and a little to the north of Palolem beach.

Which beach is restricted for Indians in Goa?

Anjuna Beach is one of the beaches where you’ll hardly find Indians due to local Goans’ behavior against them.

Which is the cleanest beach in South Goa?

Agonda Beach, Goa

It is one of the cleanest beaches in the state. This is probably because the beach does not have as many visitors as its Northern counterparts. Also, the cute, but endangered Ridley Turtles have their nesting region at this beach.

Which is the cleanest beach in North Goa?


One of the cleanest beaches in India, which also serves as a nesting place for olive ridley sea turtles.

Which is the richest beach in Goa?

Colva Beach

The coconut palm fringed coastline is 2.5 km long with white sand. It is one of the popular beaches in the state and is home to some of the most famous and richest people.

What is Goa very famous for?

Goa is one of the most favorite destination among Indian tourists due to its pristine beaches. Dotted with hundreds of impressive beaches in Goa, the incredible coastline of more than 100 km offers beautiful views and serenity where tourists enjoy and relax in the Sun.


Havelock Beach, Andaman Islands

Coming to the end of the list- if there is one glowing beach in India that will make you fall in love with the night-time sea, it is the Havelock Beach. The bright glow can be attributed to the phytoplankton which are found in abundance near the shore.


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