Monastery In Dharamsala


Sitting on top of the Bhagsunag Waterfall, accessible only after a steep walk uphill, Shiva Cafe in Mcleodganj is an exceptionally photogenic hippie establishment that serves delectable dishes from morning to night.

How many monastery are there in Dharamshala?

Four Most Impressive Monasteries and Tibetan Culture Centers in Dharamshala. As the place is the headquarter for the Tibetan government in exile, it is dotted with several temples, monasteries, and schools promoting Buddhist and Tibetan culture.

Can I stay in a monastery in Dharamshala?

Experience staying in a monastery

In Dharamsala, you have a unique opportunity to stay in a monastery, attend pujas, speak to the monks and become a part of the Tibetan spiritual world for a while. Guyto monastery has got rooms for rent for their visitors.

Which monastery to visit in Dharamshala?

Mcleodganj, Dharamshala

‘ The temple Tsuglag Khang here is an important Buddhist site where a congregation of monks and nuns can be seen chanting holy scriptures round the year. The temple houses statues of the Buddha as Shakyamuni and Avalokiteshvara. It also has the statue of Guru Rimpoche (Padmasambhava).

Can we visit Namgyal monastery?

Famous For: Tibetan culture, Buddhism. Entry Fee: Not applicable. Visiting Time: a.m. to p.m. Visiting Duration: 45 mins.

Can females stay in monastery?

1. Many monasteries accept women. It’s a common belief that only men can stay in monasteries, especially those run by monks. That is not the case and even if it’s not a women’s monastery, you might be able to stay.

Can I just go live in a monastery?

Anyone can stay in a monastery, regardless of religion. Should you want to participate in religious activities (e.g. mass), simply ask one of the friendly brothers or sisters and they will be happy to guide you further.

Can we wear dress in monastery?

There is no dress code. Be dressed normally as per Indian customs. Skimpy dresses for women and outrageous dresses for men may not be accepted.

Does it cost money to stay at a monastery?

This is because several monastic orders take “hospitality” as one of their rules, along with their vows of poverty and charity and the like. That said, the majority of monasteries do charge modest per-night rates”about one-third the cost of a hotel (and, again, often including some or all meals).

Can I live in a monastery for a month?

Yes, in some of the Buddhist monastery, you can help the monks as a volunteer and you can live in the monastery for certain period.


Q2. How many days are enough for Dharamshala? Most of the travel packages and holidays normally contain 3 to 5 days. You should begin your journey in Dharamshala, which takes three days to explore (McLeodganj, Triund for trekking, Palampur Tea Garden, and Kangra Fort).


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