Mountains South India


At 2,623 mts above MSL, Doddabetta is the highest Peak in the Tamil Nadu and is about 10 kms. from Ooty bus stand. The name Doddabetta literally means ‘Big mountain’ in the Badugu Language, which is so in reality. It is at the junction of Western and Eastern Ghats and offer beautiful vistas of Nilgiri Hills range.

Are there any mountains in South India?

From the lush evergreen Western Ghats in Kerala and the Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, to the hill ranges of the Eastern Ghats, the southern part of India is home to few of India’s highest and most beautiful mountain peaks.

Which mountain ranges are found in southern India?

Ghats, two mountain ranges forming the eastern and western edges, respectively, of the Deccan plateau of peninsular India. The two ranges run roughly parallel to the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea coasts, respectively, from which they are separated by strips of fairly level coastal land.

Which is the 2 highest peak in South India?

Meesapulimala is the second highest peak (2640 meters) of South India lodged in the Western ghats at the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu state.

Which is the largest mountain in South?

Anamudi is the highest peak in the Western Ghats in India, having an elevation of 2,695 metres (8,842 ft). Anamudi is also the highest point in South India.

Does South India has snowfall?

Lambasingi: Only Place in South India where Snow Falls

And, it happens from November to January in the early morning (sometimes 4 AM to 9 AM). Temperature falls below sub-zero and snow starts falling to make Lambasingi a magical place to visit in winter in South India.

Can we find snow in South India?

And guess what? A village in Andhra is the only place in the southern region that snows! Lambasingi is a misty hill station located at an altitude of 1025 metres above sea level in the Chintapalli region of Arakku Valley.

What are the 7 major mountain ranges in India?

List of 7 Major Mountain Ranges in India
Himalayan Mountain Ranges.
Aravalli Range.
Western Ghats.
Eastern Ghats.
Satpura and Vindhya.
Karakoram and Pir Panjal.

Which is called southern Himalayas?

The Southernmost Himalayas are known as Shiwaliks.

Which is the southern most Himalayas?

Himalayan mountains
The northernmost is the Great Himalaya or Himadri. The world’s highest peaks are located in this range.
Middle Himalaya or Himachal is located to the south of Himadri.
The Shiwalik is the southernmost range.


The Aravali range
The Aravali range is the oldest mountain range in India, running across Rajasthan to Haryana. The Aravalli range is the eroded stub of a range of ancient folded mountains. Aravalli Range is one of the most popular mountain ranges in India also known as mewat hills.


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