Mughal Garden Entry Fee


Visiting days of Rashtrapati Bhavan (Circuit No. 1) are only for two days, Saturday and Sunday in a week except on Gazetted holidays. Visiting days of Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum Complex (Circuit No. 2) are all days except Mondays and Gazetted holidays.

Can we visit Mughal Garden without online booking?

Mughal Garden Ticket Price 2022

Entry to Mughal Gardens is free. Due to covid19 restrictions and social distancing norms, you have to register online compulsorily (click here). The ticket counter will not be at the gate of Mughal Garden.

Is mobile allowed in Mughal Garden?

Cameras / Mobile Phones/ bags and other items should be deposited at Admin Desk. You can take some snaps at the gate before or after your visit if security persons allow. They charge a nominal amount of Rs. 25 for Mughal garden and you have to book online and pay online.

How to book slots for Mughal Garden?

Make a note. Do make sure that you register online before you drop by for a visit. The visiting hours for the same are divided into hourly slots for weekday and weekend online booking. The timings for visiting the garden are 10am to 4pm.

Is food allowed in Mughal Garden?

No. You cant.

Is Mughal Garden entry free?

Is there any ticket for visiting Mughal Garden? No there is no entry fee. However, online registration before visiting is a must. Register at least 24 hours before your visit date.

Is bag allowed in Mughal Garden?

15. Visitors need to follow Covid-19 guidelines issued by Government. 16. Eatables/Paan/Gutka/Cigarette/BackPack/Camera/Video Camera are not allowed inside the Gardens.

Is Mughal Garden worth visiting?

Mughal Garden is one of the most significant gardens in Delhi. Designed by the Mughals, the garden is located inside the Rashtrapati Bhavan Complex. The garden remains open for public visits from February to March every year. During this time, you can visit the garden every day of the week except Mondays.

Is Picnic allowed in Mughal Garden?

over a year ago. No it is not allowed to sit in gardens.

What is the best time to visit Mughal Garden?

Best Time To Visit

However, spring has the garden in full bloom as most flowers, including the rose plantations, bloom during this time. If you visit during February or March, you will be able to witness Udyanotsav, an annual festival that celebrates the blooming of roses, tulips and primulas of the Mughal Gardens.


Mobile phones are allowed there. You can click the pictures from mobile. over a year ago. 9 months ago.


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