Mumbai To Khandala


It is known for its production of the hard candy chikki and is also a major stop on the railway line connecting Mumbai and Pune. From the Pune suburbs, local trains are available from Pune Junction. Both the Mumbai-Pune Expressway as well as the Mumbai-Bengaluru highway pass through Lonavala.

How can I go to Khandala from Mumbai?

Khandala can be reached via Mumbai-Pune Expressway and NH 4. Roads to Khandala is well maintained and ensures a comfortable drive. Apart from drive, Maharashtra State Transport has regular bus service to and from Khandala. Various luxury and non-luxury buses are also run by private operators in this route.

How to go Khandala from Mumbai by train?

The train that runs first from Mumbai to Khandala is 11023 Sahyadri Expres. From Mumbai it arrives at Khandala taking almost 2hr 13min hours. This train departs from Mumbai CSMT at 1:00 and arrives in Khandala KAD at 2:00. The days on which this train operates are Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

What is the best time to visit Khandala?

The best thing about Lonavala and Khandala is the pleasant weather all year round. The best time to visit is June to September, during monsoon season, when surroundings come alive in beautiful lush greenery, and the lakes get filled up to the brim with the rain.

How far Mumbai from Khandala?

82 Kms
Distance Between Mumbai to Khandala
Distance between Mumbai to Khandala by Road is 82 Kms
Distance between Mumbai to Khandala by Flight is 62 Kms
Travel Time from Mumbai to Khandala by Road is hrs
Nearest Airport in Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (19.08, 72.88)
1 more row

Why is Khandala famous for?

What is Khandala famous for? Khandala is famous for its exquisite rock formations. It’s commonplace for travelers to drive to Tiger’s Leap to show off their rock climbing skills and to visit the Shiv Linga rock. The Shiv Linga rock, located in the Sahyadri hills, is most commonly known as Swayambhu.

Is Khandala same as Lonavala?

Lonavla and the adjacent Khandala are twin hill stations 622 metres (2,041 ft) above sea level, in the Sahyadri ranges that demarcate the Deccan Plateau and the Konkan coast. The hill stations sprawl over an approximate area of 38 square kilometres (15 sq mi).

Is 2 days enough for Lonavala?

2 days are sufficient for visiting places around lonavala and khandala.

How far is Lonavala to Khandala?

5 Kms
Distance Between Lonavala to Khandala
Distance between Lonavala to Khandala by Road is 5 Kms
Distance between Lonavala to Khandala by Flight is 3 Kms
Travel Time from Lonavala to Khandala by Road is hrs
Nearest Airport in Lonavala Pune International Airport (18.75, 73.41)
1 more row

What comes first Khandala or Lonavala?

From Pune you will first reach Lonavala and then Khandala.


Lonavala is going to be extremely crowded on weekends, so if you don’t like traffic jams, choose Mahabaleshwar. If you don’t like spending more time on the road, Lonavala is a better option, especially if you’re from Mumbai. In terms of cleanliness, Mahabaleshwar is better than Lonavala.


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