Nagarhole National Park


Nagarhole is much better than Bandipur in all aspects. Sighting tiger is not guaranteed either of the National Park. In Nagarhole, you might see elephant, deers, sambr, peacock, wild dogs etc. On your early morning river cruise you might come across crocodiles and various types of birds.

What is Nagarhole National Park famous for?

About Nagarhole

Also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, the sanctuary is a Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger and Project Elephant. The sanctuary is home to Bengal Tigers, Leopards and the largest herd of Asiatic elephants in the world.

Which is better Bandipur or Nagarhole?

The graceful Nagarahole grasslands boast a higher density of wildlife than Bandipur does, while Bandipur sightings are concentrated to higher altitudes where deer and elephant retreat to graze, owing to the abundance of fresh grass in the region.

What is the cost of safari in Nagarhole?

The entry fee to visit Nagarhole National Park is INR 150 per person for Indians and INR 1500 per person for foreigners. It welcomes its visitors from AM to AM in the morning and from PM to PM in the evening on all days of the week.

What is the best time to visit Nagarhole National Park?

Nagarhole National Park is open for public entry all the way through the year but the best time to visit the Nagarhole National Park is from April to May, when the waterholes are dry and the animals come out to visit the lake. Nevertheless, the weather conditions are more pleasing from November to February.

How do I book Jeep safari in Nagarhole?

There is also a JLR safari (Jeep) for 2.5 to 3 hours from the same gates but different costing, To know booking and other details, do drop us an email to email to for any questions or to book any accommodations and safari.

Is Kabini and Nagarhole same?

Kabini is a river which seperates the two adjacent national parks,Bandipur & Nagarhole. Try

Which is better Kabini or Nagarhole?

Kabini is a smaller part of the Nagarhole National Park. The name Kabini is derived from the River Kabini. The River attracts Fauna and other wildlife species. Kabini or Nagarhole is one of the best getaway during the weekends and experience the wildlife behaviour in their natural habitat.

Is Nagarhole worth visiting?

Nagarhole is worth visiting at the height of the dry season, when wild animals can be spotted in large numbers near sources of water.

Which safari is best in Karnataka?

Bangalore to Nagarhole National Park. .
Bandipur Sanctuary Tigers & Elephants. .
Mudumalai wildlife heaven from Bangalore. .
Kabini Nagarhole national park from Bangalore. .
Sholay Adventure – bike & hike. .
Bangalore to Mysore & Nagarhole National Park. .
Bandipur wildlife tour from Bangalore along with mysterious Talakad temple.


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