In all aspects Dalhousie will be better among the two. Considering travel time and other points, Mussoorie / Lansdowne is better than Dalhousie or Auli.

Why is Naldehra famous?

A paradise for nature lovers, Naldehra is famous as one of the oldest golf courses in the country, located at a height of 2,200 m above sea level. An 18-hole course, it is considered as one of the most challenging in India.

Is Naldehra worth visiting?

Naldehra is a small enchanting hill station in Himachal Pradesh, located just around 22 km from Shimla. It is perfect for tourists looking for natural scenic beauty and an offbeat location.

Which is better Naldehra or Kufri?

Actually, there is only one difference between Kufri and Naldehra which is, that Kufri is a famous tourist destination and the Naldehra is an offbeat destination that is less popular among the tourists. Both the destinations are charming in their place and also are full of greenery.

Is there snowfall in Naldehra?

Naldehra is engulfed by a thick blanket of snow during the winters, making it an ideal destination for adventure seekers and snow lovers.

Which is better chail or Naldehra?

OUt of these options – Chail is definitely better in terms of greenery & chances of rain. More the rain in hills, the better it it. However, would suggest if you can skip both & go to Naldehra.

Which is better Naldehra or Narkanda?

Narkanda is a much bigger hill station than Naldehra if we were to view it from a sightseeing angle. The best sightseeing places in Narkanda are Hatu Peak, Mahamaya Temple, Tani Jubbar Lake, Hatu Mata Temple, Stokes Farm, Jau Baug, and Kacheri.

Which is the coldest place in Shimla?

Keylong which is the administrative center of Lahaul and Spiti is the coldest destination in Himachal Pradesh.

Which is the coolest place in Shimla?

Places to Visit in Shimla:
The Ridge, Shimla. The Ridge | #1 of 26 Places to Visit in Shimla. .
Jakhoo Hill and Temple, Shimla. .
Mall Road, Shimla. .
Kalka-Shimla Railwa, Shimla. .
Kufri, Shimla. .
Christ Church, Shimla. .
Green Valley, Shimla. .
Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla.

Is Chail better than Shimla?

Chail Is For Nature Lovers

If nothing, there is no dearth of finding a peaceful corner in Chail (even in season time) and enjoy the serenity of mountains. So, when we compare the two places, Chail offers much better chances of finding peace and tranquillity than Shimla.


Kasol Vs Jibhi In Terms Of Landscapes

This can be very subjective, but in my opinion both are at par in terms of landscapes. Beautiful River Parvati, Enchanting forests, high mountains is what kasol has to offer. While Jibhi greets you with beautiful Tirthan river, dreamy deodar forests, traditional rustic villages.


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