Nashik To Trimbakeshwar


There is no need to get Darshan tickets online.

Is there bus from Nashik to Trimbakeshwar?

Different kinds of buses are available for travelling from Nashik to Triambakeshwar including ordinary buses, non-AC deluxe buses, AC deluxe buses and Volvo buses. There are also some buses that are built for longer journeys.

Is Darshan allowed in Trimbakeshwar?

Trimbakeshwar temple opens at AM and closes at PM. Rudrabhishek timings are from AM to AM. General darshan is allowed from a distance of 5 meters. Only men who perform special poojas are permitted to enter the inner sanctum.

How much time it takes for darshan at Trimbakeshwar?

It takes more than 2 hours ,due to construction work in the existing queue lines, and being Monday and weekends it may take between two to three hours. 9 months ago. hi i took about 4hours for me i stood in the Que at 1pm and i completed my darshan naerly by pm. over a year ago.

What is special in Trimbakeshwar?

It was constructed by third Peshwa Balaji Bajirao (1740-1760) on the site of an old temple. Trimbakeshwar Temple is a religious centre having one of the twelve Jyotirlingas The city of Trimbakeshwar is located at the foot of Brahamagiri hill ,height of which is 3000 feet above sea level.

Is Ola cab available in Nashik?

Established in the year 2014, OLA Cabs (Branch Office) in Sharanpur, Nashik is a top player in the category Car Rental-Tata in the Nashik.

Is Nasik worth visiting?

The most exciting thing about Nashik is its versatility when it comes to tourist destinations. A beautiful town situated on the banks of the river Godavari, Nashik is surrounded by nine hills; blessed with an enchanting panorama, and pleasant climate.

What can I buy in Trimbakeshwar?

One can see various antique objects, products made from shells, miniature models of Shivling, Rudrakshas, books and CDs in this market.

Is jeans allowed in Trimbakeshwar?

No dress code is there if you are not going for the special morning Aarti. For general DARSHAN trouser, jeans, shirt,t shirt are no problem, kurta paijama or dhoti are most welcome as for ladies sari or salwar kameez is ok.

Why there is no lingam in Trimbakeshwar?

Trimbakeshwar is a religious center having one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The extraordinary feature of the Jyotirlinga located here is its three faces embodying Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Rudra. Due to the excessive use of water, the linga has started to erode.


Nashik Amid the campaign for gender equality, the Trimbakeshwar Devasthan Trust in Maharashtra has decided to allow women into the famous Lord Shiva temples sanctum sanctorum for an hour everyday, but with a rider that they must wear wet cotton or silk clothes while offering prayers in the core area.


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