Nearby Ahmedabad Tourist Places


The cost of living in Ahmedabad is less than other cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

What are the best places to visit near Ahmedabad in Winters?

The top 8 Places to Visit in Ahmedabad in one day are:
Swaminarayan temple.
Hathee Singh Jain Temple.
Calico Museum.
Sabarmati Ashram.
Sidi Sayyed Mosque.
Teen Darwaza.
Jama Masjid.
Kankaria Lake.

What are the best places to visit near Ahmedabad in 2 days within 500 kms?

The most scenic picnic spots near Ahmedabad include Nal Sarovar, Vadla, Zanzari Waterfall, Modhera and Polo Forest.

Which place is best of one day trip in Ahmedabad?

Top Places to visit in Ahmedabad in 2 Days
Jama Masjid. This mosque was built by Sultan Ahmad Shah in 1424 and this historical delight still manages to impress visitors with the magnificence of its architecture. .
Teen Darwaza. .
Bhadra Fort. .
Sabarmati Ashram. .
Swaminarayan temple. .
Jhulta Minar. .
Sidi Sayyed Mosque. .
Kankaria Lake.

Which place is near Ahmedabad for 1 day picnic?

Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat, is located at a distance of around 23 km from Ahmedabad on the western bank of Sabarmati river. Gandhinagar, one of India’s few planned cities encompasses Akshardham Temple, one of the country’s most beautiful temple.

How can I spend 2 days in Ahmedabad?

Located near Nargol, Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is another great place near Ahmedabad to spend a day in the lap of nature. Full of fun activities like ATV rides, parasailing and more, this beautiful beach is not very crowded and lets you relax with a book, some food from the shacks and calming views of the Arabian Sea.

Which city is close to Ahmedabad?

List of Places for 2 Days Trip in India

Does Ahmedabad have sea beach?

So here are the 20 best one day trips from Bangalore
Ramanagaram. Located 50 kms away from Bangalore, Ramanagaram is the place where Sholay movie was shot. .
Skandagiri Trek. .
Anthargange. .
Kunti Betta. .
Shivanasamudram falls. .
Manchanabele Dam. .
Bheemeshwari. .
Nandi Hills.

Which place is best for 2 days trip?

Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad is one of the most beautiful and affordable cities in India.

Which is best place for one day trip?

Goa – Beaches, Sunsets and Crazy Nights. .
Agra, Uttar Pradesh – The city of Taj Mahal, the monument of eternal love. .
Munnar, Kerala – Tea Gardens, Lakes and Pretty little hill-station. .
Gokarna, Karnataka – Land of palm trees, blue seas and golden sands. .
Darjeeling, West Bengal – Queen of The Himalayas.



Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat and is quite a cheap city in comparison to other metro cities in India. A lot is developing very fast all around the city.

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