Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2022


2. Mother Teresa was the first person to get the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding.

Who is the winner of Nehru Trophy Boat Race in 2022?

Mahadevikadu Kattil Thekkethil chundan
Mahadevikadu Kattil Thekkethil chundan wins Nehru Trophy Boat Race. Pallathuruthy Boat Club, Mahadevikadu Kattil Thekkethil Chundan has scripted its maiden triumph in the Nehru Trophy boat race for snake boats at the Punnamada Lake in Alappuzha.

In which country was score 1 5 in 2022 Kerala’s popular Nehru Trophy Boat Race held?

the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
The Nehru Trophy boat race, one of the famed events held in Alappuzha of Kerala, is slated to be held in Ras al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this year. The move is to build on the beautiful relationship between UAE and Kerala, a statement from the organisers said.

What is the record time in Nehru Trophy?

77 minutes. With this, the club completed a hat-trick of Nehru trophy titles named after the first Prime Minister of India.

Who won the Nehru Gold Cup?

A total of 5 teams participated in the tournament through being invited by the All India Football Federation. The final match happened between India and Cameroon and India won the match in penalty shoot out.
2012 Nehru Cup.
Tournament details
Venue(s) 1 (in 1 host city)
Final positions
Champions India (3rd title)
Runners-up Cameroon
11 more rows

Which lake is famous for Nehru Trophy Boat Race?

Punnamda Lake
The Nehru Trophy Boat Race on the Punnamda Lake, near Alappuzha, held on the second Saturday of August every year, is the most competitive and popular of the boat races.

What is the old name of Nehru Trophy Boat Race?

Vallam Kali or Vallamkaliy literally means boat play/game, but can be translated to boat race in English. The most popular event of the race is the competition of Chundan Vallams (snake boats). Hence the race is also known as Snake Boat Race in English.

In which country was Kerala’s popular Nehru Trophy Boat Race held in 2022 Maldives UAE Sri Lanka Oman?

Which is the venue of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race in 2022? Notes: Nehru Trophy Boat Race, a famous event held in Alappuzha of Kerala, is set to be held in Ras al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this year.

Which sport is Nehru Trophy?

Nehru Trophy is associated with hockey and boat race.

When did Nehru Trophy start?

The origin of this backwater spectacle traces back to 1952. The race was first organised to welcome the then Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru. The Prime Minister had arrived at Kottayam and the organisers wanted to bring him on a boat to Alappuzha.


The Nehru Trophy Boat Race named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is conducted on the Punnamada Lake, near Alappuzha.


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