One of the most daring mountain roads of India with 70 continuous hairpin bends. Kolli hills road, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu.

What is special in Nelliyampathy?

Evergreen forests, orange, tea, coffee, and cardamom plantations enriched with spectacular valleys and misty mountains make Nelliampathy an exotic location. Nelliampathy often called Poor mans Ooty is also famous for the trekking trails and the amazing climate, and natures magic which enhance the whole experience.

Which is the best time to visit Nelliyampathy?

Hence, the months between September and February are the best time to visit Nelliyampathy. Another perfect time to make a trip to Nelliyampathy is during the monsoon season.

How many hairpins are in Nelliyampathy?

10 hairpin bends
To reach Nelliyampathy, one has to take the road starting from Nenmara that proceeds to the Pothundy Dam. There are about 10 hairpin bends that have to be negotiated on the way to Nelliyampathy.

Can we go to Nelliyampathy?

How to reach Nelliyampathy by road. Nelliyampathy is well connected to many cities of South India via various bus services. National Highway 47 passes through Nenmara, the nearest point to the town which is approachable from cities like Bangalore, Coimbatore and Chennai through inter-state buses.

Which is the No 1 place in Kerala?

Alleppey tops this list of best places to visit in Kerala with pictures. Its backwater trips, houseboat stays, and serene beauty attract a fair number of people to its territory. In fact, it is the most popular place to experience some offbeat Kerala backwaters.

What should be avoided in Kerala?

10 Things You Should Not do in Kerala
1 Paragliding & Swimming without Supervision. .
2 Wearing Heavy Outfits & Drinking Tap Water. .
3 Being Unpunctual. .
4 Trying To Travel Too Much In Very Few Days. .
5 Traveling Without Medicines & Prescriptions. .
6 Traveling In Heat with Babies Or Aged People. .
7 Entering Houses Wearing Footwears.

Is 1 day enough for Vagamon?

day is enough to explore the major tourist attractions of Vagamon. One can visit Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary, Vagamon Meadows, Vagamon Falls, Vagamon Lake, The Pattumalai Church, Kurisumala, Thangal Hill, Barren Hills, Vagamon Pine Forest and Marmala Waterfall by spending a single day in Vagamon.

Is 4 days enough for Kerala?

Ideal Duration In Kerala

Ideal duration of 4 days in Kerala is enough to explore the best tourist places in Kerala. The duration can be stretched up to 8 days and 7 nights if you want to enjoy a family trip to Kerala.

Which place is coldest in Kerala?

Munnar is the coolest place in Kerala. Apart from Munnar up in the north India there are places you can visit like Simla, Manali and Darjeeling.


Most hairpins share this narrow, bent shape, and its from this sharp angle that the term “hairpin turn” gets its name. A bend in a road that doubles back in a tight curve is a hairpin turn or a hairpin bend.


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