Nithya Kalyana Perumal


Born in the Dalit paraiyar caste, Nandanar was a devotee of Shiva. He wanted to travel beyond the confines of his village, the space he was allowed, and enter the Nataraja temple in Chidambaram to worship its deity. Many obstacles stood in his way.

What is nitya kalyanam?

As per puranam, Every day God marries Goddess everyday here and hence the main deity is named as Nithya kalyana Perumal. Best kshetra to remove the obstacles in marriages.

How to pray in Nithya Kalyana Perumal temple?

Devotees who want to perform Archana has to visit Sri Nithya Kalyana Perumal Shrine, where you need to provide Gothram, Nakshatram, and Name. After Archana, get the garlands which were kept in Pooja from the priest. Then worship Goddess Komalavalli and get Kumkum. Perform 9 Pradkshinam (rounds) in the outer Prakara.

Is Kalyanotsavam only for couples?

Kalyanotsavam Tirumala Performed very grand manner Only couples are allowed to perform the marriage of Lord Venkateswara to Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Padmavathi. Kalyanotsavam Seva Timings also mentioned here. This seva starts every day at 1 AM and ends at 0 PM.

Why Kalyanotsavam is done?

The sole purpose of KalyAna utsavam is the protection and prosperity of the world. The word ut means grief & savam means to remove it hence performing or participating in a celestial wedding of Lord Venkateswara removes all difficulties. The name Kalyanam itself bestows all sorts of goodness

What is Perumals?

Perumal (Tamil: பெருமாள், romanized: Perumāl) or Tirumal (Tamil: திருமால், romanized: Tirumāl) is a Hindu deity. Perumal is worshipped mainly among Tamil Hindus in South India, Sri Lanka, and the Tamil diaspora, who consider Perumal to be a form of Vishnu. Perumal. God of Vaikuntha.

Are children allowed for Kalyanotsavam?

Children under 12 years are allowed their parents with no extra charges. Unmarried daughter under 18 years can participate in this Seva along with their parents on purchasing Rs.

Who can attend Kalyanotsavam?

Kalyanotsavam Seva Eligibility, Proof of Marriage, Tickets, Current Booking, & Procedure. Eligibility: Couples who got married in less than a week ago are eligible for this quota. They can avail this Seva tickets within 1 week from the date of their marriage.

What is the cost of Kalyanotsavam at Tirumala?

SL No. Name of the Seva Cost
1 Suprabatham Rs.25-00
2 Sahasranamarchana Rs.25-00
3 Padmavathi Parinayam (Kalyanotsavam) Rs.500-00
4 S.D.Seva Rs.116-00
26 more rows

How many Kalyanotsavam tickets per day?

Tickets are issued on First Cum First Serve basis. 80 tickets will be thru Lucky dip booking. Registration has to be done at CRO office between 11 am 5 pm. Every month on 1st Friday at 1 am, 14,000 to 15000 tickets will be released for online booking.


Around 2000 Devotees are allowed in this Seva. Only couples are allowed to participate and provided darshan. Let us have the details about this Seva booking, Reporting and darshan Details. Price for Kalyanotsavam Seva Ticket: 1000 Rupees.


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