North Bay Island


North Bay beach which is north of Port Blair provides snorkeling opportunities around its fringing coral reefs. Private ferry service takes you from Aberdeen Jetty across North Bay and brings back after a three hour stay. The corals at North Bay are spread over a large area.

What is North Bay island famous for?

underwater corals
Famous for the underwater corals, North Bay Island located near the Pheonix Jetty of Port Blair is yet another favorite places to visit in Port Blair. Multiple clubs providing exhilarating scuba diving, snorkeling and sea walking at the island give it a special space in the hearts of adventure lovers.

Is North Bay island worth visiting?

Northbay Island is very famous for a different kind of water activities. Activities such as Jetski ride, Scuba diving, Coral Safari Semi Submarine, Sea Walking, Andaman Dolphin, Parasailing can be done at North Bay Island at an additional cost.

What is North Bay island?

Located near Port Blair, North Bay is a secluded island which spans over a relatively medium area and is generally visited by tourists on a day trip to both Ross Island and North Bay.

Is Ross Island worth a visit?

One of the best things about visiting the Ross Island is the history associated with it. The island has an avid collection of some of the oldest British and Japanese structures in India, that shows the luxurious life of Britishers after they occupied Andaman.

What TV show is filmed in North Bay?

On the Fringe of Wild (2021)

Why do people live in North Bay?

Residents of North Bay and area enjoy fresh air, abundant clean water, plenty of green space for outdoor activities and low density living with all of the benefits of full urban services.

How to get from Port Blair to North Bay?

How to reach North Bay Island? Located about 4kms via sea from Port Blair, North Bay is a short (45 minute) boat ride from Aberdeen jetty. This jetty is situated on the east coast of Port Blair, inside the water Sports Complex and one can easily get here by hiring a taxi, auto-rickshaw or 2-wheeler.

How far is havelock from Port Blair?

73 Kms
Distance Between Port Blair to Havelock Island
Distance between Port Blair to Havelock Island by Road is 73 Kms
Distance between Port Blair to Havelock Island by Flight is 48 Kms
Travel Time from Port Blair to Havelock Island by Road is 9:4 hrs
Nearest Airport in Port Blair Veer Savarkar International Airport (11.62, 92.73)
1 more row

Is Baratang worth a visit?

Baratang is famous for its natural wonders; from impressive Limestone Caves and dense mangrove creeks. There are tidal swamp forests and small but fascinating Mud Volcanoes. It is the first gateway up north from the capital city, located between the Middle and South of Andaman.


Named for its location on the northern bay of Lake Nipissing, the city originated as a rail yard on the Canadian Pacific Railway in 1882. It is now the southern terminus and head office of the Ontario Northland railway and a major station on two transcontinental rail lines.


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