Osian Jodhpur


Samed Shikarji, Parasnath, Dist Girididh, Jharkhand is major jain pilgrimage destination Not only the spritual place , green sceenary of parasnath hill is also very beautiful.

Why is Osian famous?

Osian is famous as home to the cluster of ruined Hindu and Jain temples dating from the 8th to 12th centuries. The city was a major religious centre of the kingdom of Marwar during the Gurjara Pratihara dynasty.

Which is better jaisalmer or Osian?

Osian is the perfect place if you want a desert experience but dont want to visit the more popular Jaisalmer.

How many Hindu and Jain temples are there in Osian?

There is an array of about 100 ruined Jain and Hindu temples in the Osian village that backdates to the 8th and 12 centuries. Osian is located on the boundary of the Thar desert, on the Jodhpur- Bikaner highway. It is also known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan.

How many villages are in Osian?

There are about 249 villages in osian tehsil, which you can browse from osian tehsil villages list (along with gram panchayat information) below.

Is Osian a boy or girls name?

Osian (Welsh pronunciation [ˈɔʃan], English /ˈɒʃən/ OSH-ən) is a Welsh masculine given name, derived from the Irish legendary poet and warrior Ois­n. The name is derived from the Irish for little deer.

Why is Jodhpur famous for?

Jodhpur is also well known for its furniture industry, handicrafts, glass bangles, cutlery, carpets and marble goods. Jodhpur also boasts of a unique cuisine. The local eateries accord the tourists a delectable platter of local culinary delights. Jodhpur is a colourful city.

Is 2 days enough for Jodhpur?

2 Days in Jodhpur

One might feel two days a short duration when it comes to exploring all that the Blue City has to offer. Ideally, the itinerary for places to see in Jodhpur in 2 days can be started with Mehrangarh where you can go on guided tours around the in-house temples, gates and palaces.

Which desert safari is best in Rajasthan?

We have listed some of the best Camel Safaris in Rajasthan that you must check during your next trip to this paradise on earth.
Jaisalmer Royal Desert Safari.
Jodhpur Farm Camel Safari.
Moving Camel Camp Safari In Bikaner.
Half-Day Sunrise Camel Safari In Jaisalmer.
Overnight Camel Safari In Pushkar.

Which part of Jodhpur is blue?

Chandpole – Unexplored Blue City

A second, often talked about area of Jodhpur to find the Blue City is Chandpole.


Jainism is Indias sixth-largest religion and is practiced throughout India.
Census of India, 2011.
District Mumbai City district
State Maharashtra
Jain Population (approximate) 166,000
Total population 3,085,411
Jain Percentage (%) 5.38%
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