Palitana Jain Temple


Thakore Sahib Shri SHIVENDRASINHJI BAHADURSINHJI, 27th Thakore Sahib of Palitana 1964/1990, born 23rd September 1936 , married 1stly Ritika Loraiya (divorced October 26, 1976) by whom he had a son, married 2ndly Thakorani Sonia Devi ( n©e Sahni) (now Rajmata Soniadevi Shivendra Sinhji Gohel of Palitana), and had issue.

How many steps are there in Palitana Jain Temple?

The summit is situated at an elevation (height) of 7,288 feet (2,221 m). Reaching it involves climbing over 3,750 stone steps. to the temples adds to the extraordinary experience.

Why do Jains go to Palitana?

Jains believe that 23 of 24 Jain Tirthankaras, except Neminatha, sanctified the Palitana hill by their visits. This makes the site particularly important to the Jain tradition. These temples are reached by most pilgrims and visitors by climbing stone steps along a hilly trail of about 3500 steps.

What is special about Palitana?

Palitana is the worlds only mountain that has more than 900 temples. The Palitana temples and whole mountain are considered the most sacred pilgrimage place (tirtha) by the Jain community, and is the worlds largest Temple Complex.

How long does it take to climb Palitana?

2-3 hours
The climb up is 3.5 km from the base and typically takes

Can non Jains enter Jain temple?

Non-Jain are allowed between 12PM-6PM and all types of phones are restricted. Jains can go to temple any time, only thing they need to remember is Namokar mantra.

Which is the biggest Jain temple?

The Ranakpur temple is one of the largest and most important temples of Jain culture.

Are Jains Hindu legally?

2006 – Supreme Court of India found that the Jain Religion is indisputably not a part of the Hindu Religion.

Can Jains marry?

Marriage is largely a worldly event. It is recommeded to all Jain Shravakas (unless they have taken a vrata of Brahmacharrya) because the children born of marrriage will follow the dharma. The ritual of marrriage is largely governed by the traditional practices that may vary for different Jain communities.

Which city has most Jains?

Jainism is Indias sixth-largest religion and is practiced throughout India.
Census of India, 2011.
District Mumbai City district
State Maharashtra
Jain Population (approximate) 166,000
Total population 3,085,411
Jain Percentage (%) 5.38%
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This article lists and documents prominent Jain temples and Tirthas around the world.
Ranakpur Jain temple in Ranakpur, Rajasthan.
Palitana Tirtha.
Dilwara Temples.
Saavira Kambada Basadi in Moodbidri.
Brahma Jinalaya, Lakkundi.
Hutheesing Jain Temple.
Jain Narayana temple a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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