Park St Cemetery


The oldest known burial is thought to have taken place 130,000 years ago. Archeological evidence shows that Neanderthals practiced the burying of the dead. The dead during this era were buried along with tools and bones.

Why is Park Street Cemetery famous?

The Park Street Cemetery was one of the earliest non-church cemeteries in the world, and probably the largest Christian cemetery outside Europe and America in the 19th century.

Is photography allowed in Park Street Cemetery?

Some of the beautiful (though crumbling) graves house mortal remains of eminent citizens from Kolkata’s colonial era, including academic Henry Derozio, scholar William Jones and eminent botanist Robert Kyd. Entry is from the north gate on Park St. Photography is not allowed (but mobile-phone snaps are fine).

Which is the oldest burial of Kolkata?

In the 1700s, people associated with the East India Company were using Calcutta’s first burial ground located at the site of St John’s church. But death came calling often and the sight of funeral processions wading their way through the city every other day was dispiriting.

How big is South Park Street Cemetery?

eight acres
The cemetery was named after ‘Park Street’ after the private deer park built by Sir Elijah Impey around Vansittart’s garden house. Spread across eight acres, the enclosure has an assortment of 1600 tombs of many notable European figures of the regal era.

What is the most visited cemetery in the world?

PÃre-Lachaise: The World’s Most-Visited Cemetery.

Where is the most beautiful cemetery in the world?

20 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cemeteries
Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, USA. .
Saint Louis cemetery, New Orleans, USA. .
Glasgow Necropolis, Scotland. .
American Military Cemetery, Normandy, France. .
Okunoin Cemetery, Mount Koya, Japan. .
Abney Park Cemetery, London, England. .
Panteon Antiguo, Oaxaca, Mexico.

What can you not do at a cemetery at night?

Try not to remain in the cemetery after dark to avoid being charged with trespassing. Furthermore, it goes without saying that do not enter a cemetery during the hours it is closed. It can be disrespectful to do so and also dangerous for you, your fellow visitors, or the cemetery’s staff members.

What can you not do at a cemetery?

No running, yelling, or rolling around on the ground. This is not a place for childhood games. Don’t let them play on any of the monuments. While it is good to get children used to paying respects at a cemetery, they often don’t fully understand the meaning of everything in the cemetery.

What is considered disrespectful in a cemetery?

Touching monuments or headstones is extremely disrespectful and in some cases, may cause damage. For example, some older memorials might be in disrepair and could fall apart under the slightest touch. Be sure to walk in between the headstones, and don’t stand on top of a burial place. Be respectful of other mourners.


We can’t be sure, although the oldest known burial took place about 130,000 years ago. Burying the dead is perhaps the earliest form of religious practice and suggests people were concerned about what happens after death. There’s evidence that Neanderthals buried their dead along with tools and bones.


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