Pathanamthitta Weather


Munnar generally witnesses winter and occasional snowfall in the months of November, December and January, with the mercury picking up gradually in February.

What is the climate in Pathanamthitta?

2 Week Extended Forecast in Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India
Conditions Comfort
Day Temperature Feels Like
Fri Dec 30 94 / 71 °F 95 °F
Sat Dec 31 93 / 69 °F 95 °F
Sun Jan 1 93 / 69 °F 94 °F
13 more rows

Does it rain today in Pathanamthitta?

More sun than clouds. Passing clouds.

Is it hot or cold in Kerala?

Between the two monsoon seasons, the temperature remains cool in most parts of Kerala. It is a tropical land with, generally, pleasant climate. But the climate differs from place to place. While the high mountainous regions remain cool throughout the year, the plains and coastal areas experience hot and humid climates.

When did rain stop in Kerala?

Although the state has rains all year round , Kerala experiences two monsoon seasons: the main season from June – August and the second , from October to November. The first monsoon season arrives in June and continues till August.

What is special in Pathanamthitta?

Situated near the Western Ghats and bordered by the hills, Pathanamthitta district is a treat to eyes with its vast unending stretches of forests, rivers and rural landscapes. Blessed by nature, the district is famous for its scenic beauty, fairs and festivals.

Which district is hottest in Kerala?

Weather: Palakkad in Kerala records country’s highest temperature, on Saturday – The Hindu BusinessLine.

What is the nickname of Pathanamthitta?

The Hindu pilgrim centre Sabarimala is situated in the Pathanamthitta district; as the main transport hub to Sabarimala, the town is known as the ‘Pilgrim Capital of Kerala’.

Is blood rain real in Kerala?

Each millilitre of rain water contained about 9 million red particles. Extrapolating these figures to the total amount of red rain estimated to have fallen, it was estimated that 50,000 kilograms (110,000 lb) of red particles had fallen on Kerala.

Which place is coldest in Kerala?

Munnar is the coolest place in Kerala. Apart from Munnar up in the north India there are places you can visit like Simla, Manali and Darjeeling.


While it hasn’t snowed here, the temperatures are low enough to turn due into frost every morning, giving the region a coat of white.


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