Places To Visit In Puttalam


The small town of Ambalangoda is famous for its masks and puppet crafts. Through the years, locals from the area have mastered the art of creating intricate, eerie and colourful masks and puppets, most of which have played an interesting part in the culture and heritage of the island.

What is there to do in Puttalam?

What is Puttalam famous for? Puttalam is a small town in Sri Lanka. It is known for its coconut production, fishing and offers one of the biggest lagoons in Sri Lanka.

Which are the best places to visit near Puttalam?

From the end of 13th century to the beginning of 14th century, Kurunegala was considered as the royal ancient capital of Sri Lanka for around 50 years. Kurunegala got its name from the giant rock which is elephant shaped that is located in the place, making it one of the major tourist hubs.

What is special in Puttalam?

Having witnessed a major transformation in its economy in 1977, it today stands as a free trade zone. Katunayake presents enormous opportunities for travelers to have a lovely vacation. The city offers a plethora of mesmerizing locations, soothing winds and peaceful surroundings to relax and rejuvenate.

Why is Kurunegala famous?

Casuarina Beach.
Chundikulam Bird Sanctuary.
Dambakola Patuna.
Jaffna Fort.
Jaffna Library.
Jaffna Market.
Kadurugoda Temple & Ruins.

Why is Katunayake famous?

The top attractions to visit in Kilinochchi are: Chundikulam National Park. Killinochchi War Memorial Monument. Kilinochchi War Memorial.

What is Jaffna popular for?

Negombo is known for its long sandy beaches and centuries old fishing industry. Negombo has a large bilingual (Sinhala/Tamil) population with a clear Roman Catholic majority.

What is special in Kilinochchi?

Kilinŏchchi is the top region by share of poor households based on the official poverty line in Sri Lanka.

Why is Negombo famous?

Unlike in Anuradhapura, monuments in Polonnaruwa are in very good shape because Polonnaruwa is much younger than its counterpart. However, the number of monuments in Polonnaruwa is far less than what you see in Anuradhapura, and monuments are spread over a far bigger area in Anuradhapura compared to Polonnaruwa.

What is the poorest district in Sri Lanka?

Sinharaja Forest Reserve Tropical Beauty

The list of the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka is incomplete without mentioning Sinharaja Forest Reserve.


Ratmalana is also the birthplace of Sir John Kotelawala, the third Prime Minister of Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) elected in 1953. Maliban Biscuit Manufactories, one of the largest manufacturers, distributors and marketers of bakery products in Sri Lanka, is headquartered in Ratmalana.


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