Places To Visit In Thekkady


The Periyar National Park is open on all days from AM to PM.

What are the top attractions to visit in Thekkady?

Nestled in the heart of the protected jungle area, the alluring Thekkady or Periyar Lake is famous for its wide varieties of wildlife. You can also take a boat ride in the reservoir, which offers plenty of chances to spot some rare birds like Malabar Grey Hornbill and Nilgiri Wood Pigeon.

What are the best day trips from Thekkady?

1 Boat Cruises. Lake & Backwaters. Duration of visit: 2-3 Hours. Timings: 7.30 AM, 9.30 AM, 11.15 AM, 1.45 PM, 3.30 PM. Entry Fee: Inside Periyar Sanctuary, Rs.225 for Person. .
2 Elephant Rides. Wildlife. Duration of visit: 1-2 Hours. Timings: 6 AM to 5 PM.

What is Thekkady famous for?

Thekkady is a place that you should not miss when looking for holiday destinations in Kerala. It is home to the world famous Periyar Tiger Reserve and the serene and picturesque Periyar Lake.

How do I spend a day in Thekkady?

How many days are enough for Thekkady? Ideally you should spend three to four days in Thekkady as that kind of time is sufficient to explore the destination.

Is Thekkady worth visiting?

An enchanting hill station and a favored honeymoon destination, Munnar’s beauty is beyond words. It beckons all types of travelers from near and far to experience the best of nature; adventure, waterfalls, tea gardens, and more. Thekkady, on the other hand, is renowned for its wildlife aspect.

Is one day enough for Thekkady?

October to February: Winters are by far the best time to visit Thekkady as the weather is cool and pleasant, making it ideal for sightseeing. The maximum temperature goes up to 15 degrees Celsius and this is a great time to go for wildlife safaris and admire the natural beauty of Thekkady.

Which is better Munnar or Thekkady?

Go for have a lot to see and explore in wayanad as compared to thekkady which can be done in a day or day and a half. wayanad you can check out all the attractions and plan for a 2,3,4 or even more days. Weather wise too august will be a good time to visit.

Which is the best month to visit Thekkady?

Whether you are a family, a couple, or a backpacker, you will discover why Munnar is a tourist magnet in Kerala in just one day! From massage centers with various Ayurvedic therapies to national parks and other natural spots, there are numerous places to visit in Munnar in 1 day.

Which is better Wayanad or Thekkady?

122 Kms
Distance Between Munnar to Thekkady Is 122 Kms , Duration, Driving Directions & Route Map.


c Periyar lake is not a lagoon. It is surrounded by mountain ridges of candaman hills.


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