Pondicherry To Auroville


The temple is open for its visitors from AM to PM on all days for general queries. However, to get an access pass, youll need to come in between AM to PM from Monday to Saturday and in between AM to PM on Sundays.

How much time is required to see Auroville?

Generally we recommend visitors to start at the Visitors Centre and spend, if possible, a few hours to a day. For those with more time, a week to ten days is advised for a first visit. One can participate in guest introduction tours or other programmes, eat at the community dining hall, and get a feel of the place.

Is Auroville free of cost?

Auroville mostly runs on contributions that are made by the newcomers and the residents. You need to have more than 15 lakhs rupees to start living in Auroville.

Do we need permission to visit Auroville?

Matrimandir Inner Chamber The Inner Chamber is now open to visitors every morning except Tuesday & Sunday. Booking on an individual level is required. Reporting time for all visitors is 8.30 am. We request you to book only if you can reach by or before that time.

What is the best time to visit Auroville?

One can visit Auroville any time during a year. However, the best time to visit Auroville is winter season. Starting from October, the winter season in Pondicherry is the most pleasant time to explore the region. The season ends in the month of March.

How much does stay at Auroville cost?

On an average, Guest Houses In Auroville costs around INR 2,088 per night.

Is there a dress code for Auroville?

Dress by local standards Both men and women should wear modest clothes such as long pants or long shorts and tops with sleeves; no short- shorts, bathing costumes, or halter-tops.

Is Auroville closed on Sunday?

The purpose of Auroville is to realise human unity. Visitors Centre, Matrimandir Viewing point and Inner Chamber are open to visitors. Visitors Centre and Matrimandir Viewing Point are now open all days, including Sunday.

Can we visit Auroville at night?

The only area of Auroville thats accessible to casual visitors is the dedicated Visitors Center. Its open daily from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., except during the Diwali and Pongal festivals.

Can tourists stay Auroville?

Auroville is not a tourist destination, it is a live-in campus for material and spiritual research spread over a vast area. Access to casual visitors is limited to certain areas but volunteers, students, and people who wish to collaborate or learn from Auroville are most welcome.


Auroville is well served by a variety of international and national carriers operating into Chennai airport. Pondicherry has a small airport with few commercial flights at present. The consumption of alcohol is strongly discouraged in Auroville. It cannot be purchased anywhere in the township.


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