31 Kms
Distance Between Ooty to Kotagiri
Distance between Ooty to Kotagiri by Road is 31 Kms
Distance between Ooty to Kotagiri by Flight is 19 Kms
Travel Time from Ooty to Kotagiri by Road is hrs
Nearest Airport in Ooty Coimbatore International Airport (11.41, 76.69)
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What is poondi famous for?

Poondi Lake or Sathyamoorthy reservoir is the reservoir across Kotralai River in Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu State. It acts as the important water source for Chennai city which is 60 km away. Frequent buses are available from Chennai and Tiruvallur to reach this place.

Which is the Switzerland of Tamil Nadu?

Ooty is fondly known as the Switzerland of South India for its lush green meadows and mountains.

Who built water reservoir in poondi?

CHENNAI: Sundara Sastri Sathyamurthy, as the mayor of Madras in the early 1940s was instrumental in bringing the Kotralia river water to the city to meet drinking water needs, was remembered on Friday. A dam was built across the river at Poondi village and thereafter came to be known as the Poondi reservoir.

Why is kotagiri famous?

What is Kotagiri famous for? Kotagiri features several spectacular trekking trails that make it a perfect pick for adventure seekers. Besides this, the scintillating rivers, alluring tea estate, and lush green surroundings lend one some soul-soothing vibes.

Who called Indian Tamil?

The ‘Indian Tamils’, also called Estate Tamils or Upcountry Tamils, are the descendants of the indentured workers brought by the British to Ceylon from the erstwhile Madras Presidency (present day state of Tamil Nadu) between 1820s and 1930s to work on the central hill plantations of tea, coffee and rubber, frequently

What country do Tamils live in?

The Tamils are native to modern state of India known as Tamil Nadu and the northern and eastern part of Sri Lanka.

Which city is Mini Switzerland of India?

Get going for the mini Switzerland of India Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh.

Which is the oldest dam in Tamil Nadu?

Kallanai (also known as the Grand Anicut) is an ancient dam built by Karikala of Chola dynasty in 150 CE. It is built (in running water) across the Kaveri river flowing from Tiruchirapalli District to Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu, India.

Which is the second biggest lake in Tamil Nadu?

Veeranam Lake (Veeranarayanapuram Lake) is located 14 km (8.7 mi) SSW in Cuddalore district in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India 1 km (0.62 mi) from Kattumannarkoil.


The Chennai City Water Supply sources are Surface sources and Ground water sources. The Surface sources are Poondi – Cholavaram, Redhills and Chembarambakkam lakes. Water is drawn from Red Hills lake to Water Treatment Plants at Puzhal near the Lake, at Surapet and Kilpauk, then treated and distributed to Chennai City.


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