Puri Tourism Place


The quickest way to get from Puri to Chilika Lake is to train which costs ‚¹110 – ‚¹700 and takes 2h 49m.6 days ago

What are the top attractions to visit in Puri?

Puri is famous for the world famous Shri Jagannath Temple & Longest Golden Beach. It is one of the Dhamas (Holiest of the holy place) out of four Dhamas i.e. Puri, Dwarika, Badrinath & Rameswar, in India.

What are the most popular things to do in Puri with children?

A duration of 3-4 days is perfect to explore all attractions in Puri which would include a day for the jagannath temple, Puri beach, Konark temple and crafts museum; second day at the Chilika lake and nearby temples; third day at Pipli and other markets and another day to cover the rest of the beaches and temples.

What is the famous of Puri?

Puri is home to 7 wonderful beaches. Some of them are Chandrabhaga Beach, Balighai Beach, Puri Beach, Golden Beach, Swargadwar Beach, and Baliharachandi Beach. All these beaches have various intriguing adventures that you can do during your visit.

Is 2 days enough for Puri?

The best time to visit Puri is from June to March. The city experiences its monsoon season in the month of June to September. Generally the city witnesses medium rainfall in its initial stage and then in the end of the month it experiences heavy rainfall.

How many tourist spots are there in Puri?

We have even noticed a few are entering the shrine wearing half-pants and even in jeans. œWe have no objection to wearing modern clothes but they should be worn outside the temple. This will help maintain the sanctity of the shrine and devotees coming from far and wide will be able to easily identify servitors.

Which month is best for Puri?

The devotees are allowed to pay obeisance to deities from the time of opening of ‘Singhadwara’ (Lion’s gate) in the early morning till ‘pahada’ (closure of the door) every day, including Sundays.

Is jeans allowed in Puri temple?

Puri Packages
Puri Packages Day/Night Price
Devotional Trip in Bhubaneshwar & Puri Package 4 Days/3 Nights ‚¹24,690
Family Holiday to Puri Package 4 Days/3 Nights ‚¹24,653
Holy Trip to Odisha with Jagannath Temple Tour Package 5 Days/4 Nights ‚¹14,478
Refreshing Holiday in Bhubaneshwar & Puri Package 5 Days/4 Nights ‚¹29,936
6 more rows

Which day Puri temple is closed?

Yes you can stay the night on the beach but you may not be allowed to go into the sea.

How much money required to visit Puri?

Chandrabhaga Beach is the largest and most popular beaches situated in the village of Chandrabhaga in Puri district. It is considered one of the finest beaches along the eastern coast of India and is a short distance away from the World Heritage Site, Konark Temple.


During Rath Yatra, everyone irrespective of religion, color, age, gender, sexuality and caste are allowed to have a darshan of Lord Jagannath. Having said that, one must bear in mind that even during Rath Yatra, non-Hindus are not allowed to climb up on the sacred rath or chariot or walk inside the temple premises.


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